• Embracing Diversity

    We specialize in diversity - whether it be cultural, religious or a wedding that is totally off beat!   Give us a call 407-687-6552

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  • Why You Need Us

    As your wedding BFF we bring fun, fabulousity, creativity, energy and detailed planning to weddings! Give us a call to get to know us 407-687-6552

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  • Our Promise

    Every girl wants the Wedding of Her Dreams, right? Read our promise and give us a call 407-687-6552  

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  • Let’s Meet for Yogurt!

    Planning your wedding should be like a big cup of yogurt - as much fun to create it as it is to consume! Give us a call 407-687-6552  

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Where the Sassy Brides Go...

Who wants a cookie cutter wedding OR a cookie cutter wedding planner? Come on, be real... You took your time in finding the right guy, so lets have a blast telling your story! Boring? Not even close!! Give us a call and let us prove it!!!

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  • Multi Cultural

    Multi Cultural Weddings & Events




    We have oodles of experience in weddings around the world.

    Hindu, Vietnamese, Laos, Sikh, Jewish and of course the traditonal modern brides from all over the world. Give us a call today 407-687-6552

  • Unique. We WELCOME Different.

    Unique. We WELCOME Different.



    Looking to have a wedding that makes people say “WOW?”

    The “more unusual” the more fun we all have.  Bring us your idea and let’s Rock n Roll! Give us a call 407-687-6552

  • Pricing


    The first question is “how much do you charge”?

    Most brides ask that because it is the only thing they know to ask.  Now you know you are spending your money in a gazillion ways and trusting your planner/coordinator is CRITICAL to enjoying your awesome wedding day.  Ask us what makes us awesome.   Give us a call: 407-687-6552

  • Sassy




    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Our diverse team gives you the opportunity to have a fun group of BFFs. We have a blast together, so join us in the fun and lets have awesomeness on your wedding day. Give us a call 407-687-6552

    Or email us