4 Exorbitant Touches for a Flashy Wedding to Remember


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You will have only one wedding day, so skimping on the extras can be something you later regret. If you want your guests to remember everything about your big day, here are a few things you can do to make it extra special for them and for you.

Light It Up

One of the biggest differences in a so-so wedding and an over-the-top wedding is the use of lighting. Dingy, outdated lighting can make the most expensive decor look old low quality. The Knot says that a simple color wash (a light that washes the room in a single color) can transform your entire space into a regal hall. Hire a high quality lighting company to install colored lights to coordinate with your theme, spotlights to shine on the bride, and make sure there are plenty of candles if allowed in your venue. Candles add that romantic touch and can be bought in bulk for a discount price.

Go All Out on a Limo

If you’re looking to feel like royalty on your special day, rent a limo to drive you around. You have enough things to worry about without having to drive yourself around. A limo is an extra touch that can make you feel like a VIP because—let’s face it—on this day, you are. Millanio Limo  in Sacramento says that gone are the days of the simple stretch limo with wine service only. Nowadays, stylish Hummer or Cadillac limousines can be ready to pick you up with LCD screens, mirrored ceilings, and lighted bar areas as the standard.

Hire a Great DJ or a Live Band

Have you ever been to a wedding where nobody wanted to dance because the music service was just “blah”? Your guests want to have fun, and nobody will have fun if the music is lacking and boring. A great DJ will be able to get your guests out of their chairs and onto the floor.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, a live band adds an extra touch to your wedding that most people don’t get to experience. Live music will create an element that will make people talk long after they’ve gone home for the night.

Try Something New

Most weddings are the same in procession. The reception is often full of dancing, cake cutting, first dance, etc., so leaving your wedding to just these events can leave your guests feeling a little bored. If you really want a flashy experience, consider mixing it up by giving everybody a Chinese lantern to let go at the end of the night, light fireworks, or hire a unique talent service such as belly dancers to entertain your guests. This extra little event in the night will be enough to have people boasting about your wedding for years.

This is the one day of your life when you should spend a little more to have the time of your life. It’s the most important day of many couples’ lives, so don’t skimp on the extras. Let your guests have fun and go home remembering your day as the best wedding they’ve been to.

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