4 reasons Why You Should Book a Theme Park Wedding?


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4 reasons Why You Should Book a Theme Park Wedding?

The popular mantra goes that we can get married anywhere these days. While that is definitely true, there are probably still some ideas that you haven’t thought of. Despite some of the worlds’ most famous theme parks advertising their availability for weddings, it is still a possibility that many don’t consider. However, we believe that it is something that people around the world should be looking to embrace. Why have to worry about entertaining your wedding guests when you can have fun surrounding your wedding day?

Here are the biggest reasons to book a theme park wedding.

The Ceremony Itself

When you think theme park weddings, you tend to think that the ceremony itself is going to take place in one of the buildings or facilities within the grounds. Why not get married on the best ride in the theme park? Admittedly, you might struggle to get a minister or registrar to agree to it, but you don’t always have to do it on the biggest, scariest roller coaster. The horse carousel can be just as enjoyable and romantic, if a little less adrenaline-heavy!

A Great Day Out

When people speak in public, they always say that a wedding is a great day. While they can be enjoyable occasions, the reality is that they’re often monotonous, slow moving affairs that leave us wanting to find something else to do. Weddings will often take place in the country, or in hotels where the facilities aren’t that great, meaning we’re stumped even when we do go looking.

With a theme park wedding, however, both you and your guests are guaranteed a brilliant day out. If nothing else, the surroundings will be a little different from most other locations!

Added Drama

Think about the entertainment and features that we see at weddings. Fireworks are a common feature, but because the backdrop is plain and boring, they have nothing like the dramatic potential that they could have.

Theme parks will often have beautiful buildings or be surrounded by woodland, both features that can add drama and majesty to a post-ceremony fireworks display. Think about the iconic Disney introduction with fireworks behind a stunning castle; that could be a reality at your ceremony.

Photo Opportunities

Wedding photos are the traditional permanent memory of a big day. However, most wedding photos tend to be devoid of character. Why would you want the most important day of your life to be remembered as a tepid, boring affair with soulless photos.

We’re not saying that a theme park wedding means that you need to go on the biggest rides and have the random photos they take as your memories, but they’d be a lot better than smiling for the camera in front of a magnolia or sky blue screen.

Instead, pick out the best parts of the park – all of them have country walks and beautiful landscape – and ask your photographer to get snapping there.

Theme Park Weddings

A theme park wedding is a unique opportunity to bring something truly different and special to your day; why waste the opportunity when you can have a day to remember for you and all of your guests?

Author Bio: Nidia Guerra is a lifestyle consultant and wedding planner who loves getting involved with unique wedding ideas. Nidia loves using the Fireworks Crazy website to discover great fireworks that can be used to light up any ceremony, no matter where it is held.





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