4 Tricks for Outdoor weddings

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Planning For Outdoor Weddings

While nature is one of the most beautiful backgrounds for any event, the uncertainty of the outdoor elements may put a damper on any occasions. For most, a wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration and every bride wants that day to go off without a hitch. Assuming you don’t have access to a crystal ball showing the future, there is no way to predict what the environment will throw at you during your outdoor soiree, but with a little pre-planning, you will still be able to have a beautiful ceremony without Mother Nature crashing it.

Have a back-up plan

 orlando wedding tent

Just like a football game, your wedding is happening rain or shine. Whether it is 110 degrees or negative 10 degrees, you are saying your “I-dos” on that one special day. The Farmers’ Almanac may give you a glimpse into the possible forecast for the day, but it is important to be ready for all types of weather.  If there is risk of rain, have a back-up, indoor location prepared in case you need to relocate fast. You could also consider placing an outdoor event tent on reserve just in case. Depending on how strong the rain storm gets, the tent will allow you to keep your outdoor venue and still stay dry. If it’s a brutally hot day, the same tent can also protect your guests from unwelcomed heat and sun burns.


Provide the essentials

 wedding ceremony water bottles

Sometimes it will be obvious that the skies will be your enemy. If you are getting married on the beach in the middle of July, you shouldn’t be shocked that it is extremely warm out. Place a cool water bottle under each seat to keep guests hydrated and a fan, which can also act as your program, on each seat to keep them cool and comfortable. On the flipside, if you are getting married on a cooler fall evening, you can have space heaters around the outskirts of your venue to help keep your guests warm. Bugs and mosquitoes can be a big problem if you’re getting married during the changing seasons. I recently attended a wedding two months ago set in an open meadow near a wooded-lake. Needless to say, it was a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Guests were so busy swatting and scratching that many didn’t enjoy the reception and left early. There are multiple options to limit the amount of bugs attending your wedding, check out this blog post to see how one bride did it.

Buckle down

A cool breeze is always a refreshing feeling, but anything stronger can cause more chaos than comfort. If you are having an outdoor ceremony with an inside reception, you only have to worry about the ceremony space. If you have a longer veil, add some beads to keep it from blowing in your face throughout the ceremony. If you have a table holding important elements of your ceremony, make sure the table cloth is pinned to the ground and anything lighter on the table is held down by a heavier object.fly away tablecloth prevention



Familiarize yourself with the area

When having an outdoor wedding, it is important to know the common intricacies of the area to help prepare for the unexpected. If you are having a sunset ceremony, know exactly where the sun typically sets so you and your guests aren’t blinded during your vows. If your ceremony is in a location that experiences a bit of rain, make sure there is ample drainage in the area. Be especially careful if it has rained the night before you wedding. Make sure the ground is not still soft and wet, otherwise your heels may make it much harder for you to get down the aisle. If you are outdoors in a more industrial area, know the public transportation schedules for the day of your wedding. You don’t what to keep pausing your ceremony waiting for a train or noisy plane to pass by.

Outdoor weddings can be some of the most beautiful ceremonies of all time, but they are also much more fragile than the traditional church ceremony. While you can’t convince Mother Nature that the day is all about you and needs to go exactly as you say, with the proper planning and a good attitude, your wedding will be one your cherish for a lifetime.

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Leon Bailey | Lasting Blueprint Productions 11/18/13

Having a backup plan in Orlando is definitely a must have especially during the Summer with our odd rain conditions. Great tips! 🙂

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