5 Amazing Places Around the World to Have the Perfect Wedding

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Picking the perfect wedding location is often one of the most exciting aspects of planning your wedding. Depending on what time of year you are having your wedding, you can pretty much go anymore in the world to get married. Hiring a great destination wedding photographer will complete the package and give you a quality set of photographs to relive your memories for generations to come. Here is a quick look at 5 amazing places around the world where you will not only be able to get great pictures, but you will also be able to have the wedding of your dreams.

1. The Distillery District in Toronto, Canada

Located in the core of downtown Toronto, The historic Distillery District is a Canadian national treasure. Restored over the past decade, its designers beautifully married its authentic Victorian industrial heritage with a modern chic aesthetic. With sprawling spaces, exposed brick, polished concrete floors, and dreamy lighting, this is a wedding venue that is sure to bring to fruition one of the most important days of your life. The atmosphere of the Distillery District will also make it one of the most memorable happenings in the lives of your friends and family, as well.

 The Distillery District in Toronto, Canada

2. South Island, New Zealand

Couples with a definite outdoorsy bent will appreciate the remarkable beauty of New Zealand. Fly by helicopter to any of New Zealands peaks or glaciers – all of which have stunningly expansive views. Several New Zealand wedding services can provide a wedding photographer along with all other necessary services. The beautiful islands of New Zealand can also provide you with beautiful beaches and resorts that will allow for you to experience some of the most beautiful and relaxing places in the world.


3. Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

If you and your spouse-to-be want to feel like true royalty, there is no better wedding destination than an ancient Scottish castle. While some lie in historic ruin, others are transformed into luxury resorts. This is what has happened to 13th century Dalhousie Castle, and a wedding here would be one of supreme luxury. Located only a few miles from Scotland’s bustling capital, this is also one of the most accessible fortresses in the nation. This location also provides you with all of the wedding services that you will want/need, which can be a huge benefit when you are planning the wedding from a far away location.

Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh Scotland  wedding

4. Hawaii

An obvious choice for one of the most amazing places in the world, Hawaii boasts it all: ocean vistas, stunning mountains, exquisite jungles, and sun-filled tropical beaches. Getting married on any of the Hawaiian islands is sure to set the tone for a beautiful marriage. With balmy climate year-round, this is a great place to consider even in the dead of winter. This is also a great place to go if you lived in the United States, since you will not have to worry about getting a passport or a visa.

5. Seychelle Islands

With some of the most photographed beaches in the world, the Seychelles are a go-to for couples looking for a tropical paradise to get married in. Pure white sand beaches can set the mood for a perfect beach wedding where you can walk to the altar in your bare feet. Also being a destination that is rather off-the-beaten-path, there will be fewer tourists and crowds around, meaning that you more than likely will be able to have a much more personal and relaxing

unique wedding venue location for destination brides and grooms

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