5 Extraordinary Ways to Plan a Magical Honeymoon in Europe

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Europe is a favorite destination for many newlyweds. From the scenic beauty of Iceland to the romantic Costa Brava in Spain to the city of love, Paris, Europe has a wide selection of picture-perfect locations suited no less for a king and queen. Here are some handy tips for you that you can use to make your honeymoon in Europe more fun and memorable.

1. Pull Out the Wild Card

The idea of lovebirds enjoying their honeymoon lying on a sunny beach is what many newlyweds envision to be the ideal honeymoon. Though this can be memorable and fun, too many couples conform to this notion without taking the time to open up their minds to new possibilities.
Think outside the box and be original. Don’t force your partner to visit an exotic beach location when they’d rather go skiing in the magical Geilo resort town located in Norway. You know what your partner loves and you can use this to plan a personalized one-of-a-kind experience. If your partner loves history, for example, why not arrange for an adventurous visit to the old Greek ruins?

2. Have Enough Time on Your Hands

Time is money. So, if you’re planning a honeymoon in Europe and want to see most of the breathtaking sites, make sure you’re not on a time crunch. Some of the locations are far-flung and might require a few days of travel. If you have a few weeks to spare, this won’t be much of a problem.
The comical situation where couples find most of their photos taken on planes and not the magical destinations they visited during their honeymoon results from having too little time on their hands.

3. Have a Short To-do List

Don’t try to plan too much beforehand. The period leading up to your wedding will be hectic, and it’s best if you can wait till you arrive to know what you’d like to do as a couple. If it rains you can decide to go to the spa, and when you don’t feel like doing much you can go rest on the beach. This kind of spontaneity is a good way to mix things up a little.
You can spend your whole life traversing through Europe and still not experience everything it has to offer. It’s better if you make a short list of destinations you both feel you’d not wish to leave Europe without visiting. It’s recommended to find some good and affordable vacation apartment rentals in London before you leave for your honeymoon and proceeding from there when you arrive.

4. Learn a Few Key Phrases in the Local Language

There are over 20 official languages spoken in the European Union. By learning the basics in German and French (some Spanish wouldn’t hurt), you’ll stand a better chance of being easily understood anywhere you choose to visit. Most people in the hospitality industry can speak English, but don’t rely solely on this if you’ll be visiting more remote locations.

5. Take Advantage of the Freebies

Europe has many rich historic sites, art museums, fortresses you can climb, and public parks. From the mystical Buzludzha monument in Bulgaria where visitors seldom go to the surreal fortress in Prizren, Kosovo. What’s even more appealing is that most of them are free to the public. During warmer months it’s common for some places to offer free concerts and films. These freebies are a great way to stretch your honeymoon budget whilst enjoying the very best of Europe.

Your honeymoon is not just another vacation, it’s THE vacation, one that both of you will reminisce about for many years. Planning an epic honeymoon in Europe is a thoughtful process that takes time and some little extra effort

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