5 Personal Touches You Can Incorporate Into Your Small #Wedding

small wedding ideas

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Small weddings can be just as elegant as larger full scale events. In fact, having a more casual wedding gives you more opportunities for adding personal touches to the celebration. Not only will the big day be unique, it will reflect your style in each and every detail.

The Invitations

The invitation gives guests their first peek at what the wedding will be like. It is not necessary to purchase the overpriced formal invitations flooding the market. Why not create your own? They’ll be both casual and personal. If you are having a small wedding, you won’t have many invitations, so you can take the time to add personal touches. You could have a friend or family member with good handwriting hand-write the invite (and then photo-copy the rest obviously) to give it a personal and creative look. If you know anyone that is talented with calligraphy, you could have a really memorable and customized invite.

DIY wedding invitations

A Casual Wardrobe

You don’t have to buy or rent formal clothing that you’ll never wear again, especially if you aren’t the type to dress up often. It will be more casual and reflect your true style better if you opt for a regular dress rather than a gown. Pick something you can use for church or dinner parties. The groom can buy a suit instead of a tux, which he’ll surely make use of later on. You can try brands like IDC at Reem Clothing for blazers and jackets that are still nice but not as formal. The same works for the groomsmen—it’s fine to go casual, without ties, or just with matching suspenders. Ask the bridesmaids to choose their own dress. You can always request a certain color to keep everyone coordinated.

casual groom and groomsmen casual wedding attire


The decorations are where you can add plenty of personal style in a casual manner. Drape tulle around tables, walls, and doors. It’s inexpensive and adds color. Select silk flowers and candles from the dollar stores to use as centerpieces on guest tables. Add things that reflect you and your fiancés’ interests. Enjoy the beach? Scatter shells on the tables.


Instead of a costly caterer serving typical buffet foods, ask friends and family for help make homemade dishes. It’s not only more casual, but gives you the opportunity to incorporate your favorite salads, appetizers, and desserts. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you really don’t have to serve fancy food—you could serve some of your favorite fruit, some homemade lemonade, and desserts brought by friends and family. Expensive food doesn’t always equate to good food, so don’t worry about going without a caterer. You want your guests to actually enjoy eating the food, not just looking at it.

DIY wedding food


If you are not a glitzy person, why not have a casual wedding in a local park or even your own backyard. These places can be elegant, and they make for wonderful backdrops in the wedding photos. What better way to incorporate a personal touch then to hold the ceremony at your own home?

small DIY outdoor wedding

Remember that this is your wedding day. It should be a reflection of you and your fiancé. Keeping the ceremony casual will make the day much more personal, and inviting less people makes the event much more intimate.

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