5 Stunning Honeymoon Locations to Consider

5 Stunning Honeymoon Locations to Consider

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There are seemingly endless choices for newlyweds when it comes to where you should spend your honeymoon. It’s perhaps the first thing you think of, along with where you’re going to look for wedding dresses and wedding venues. If you haven’t yet made up your mind of where you’re going to go, here are five stunning locations for a honeymoon that you should take into consideration.

1. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Australia in general is a pretty hot honeymoon destination, but the Great Barrier Reef is truly a sight to behold. As one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, it consists of about 1,400 miles of beautiful coral reefs and adjoining islands and beaches. The fact that climate change is causing it to steadily die off and disappear should be even more reason for this destination to be near the top of your list. If you’re into snorkeling and seeing awesome ocean life and picturesque scenery, the Great Barrier Reef might be the destination for you.

2. Alaska, USA

For those of you who aren’t into tropical climates and beach combing, but would rather see some majestic mountainous wilderness together with your new spouse, it’s hard to top Alaska. There are a number of options for exploring the state to fit your budget and preferred travelling style, including cruises, stays at luxurious hotels, planned expeditions or traversing the state yourselves.

3. Hawaii, USA

Besides Florida, Hawaii is the only other tropical paradise available to newlyweds within the United States, making it a popular, solid and stunning place to plan your honeymoon. Hawaii also has a number of options to choose from, whether you want to stay at one of the world-famous resorts and spend your honeymoon on popular Waikiki Beach, or go off the beaten path to the rustic and beautiful island of Kauai.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise for people who enjoy being outdoors and adventuring. It’s the perfect compromise if you want to lounge on a beach one day and trek through the jungles looking for wildlife the next. From picturesque beaches to misty mountains covered in jungle to ziplining, Costa Rica has a lot to offer.

5. Venice, Italy

Venice has a reputation for being one of the most romantic cities outside of Paris, and is an excellent option for exploring your love in the heart of old Europe. With its famous canals, rich history, romantic gondola rides and amazing restaurants, Venice is truly a city like none other.

The final destination you should consider is, of course, the one you want. Whether you’ve dreamed of going to the Grand Canyon for your honeymoon or have a special place in your hometown, that’s where you should go. But if you still haven’t decided, these five options are absolutely breathtaking and worth your consideration.

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