5 Tips In Finding The Right Wedding Cake For You

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Between the hundreds of decisions that a bride and groom have to make for their wedding day, the cake they choose to serve is one of the most important and significant decisions that will be remembered for a lifetime. When choosing a cake, certain factors should be weighed to choose the perfect fit.

The Cake Should Complement the Decor

A cake is another piece of the wedding that is used not only as a type of food to serve, but as another piece of the decor that should appear both attractive and elegant. Choose a cake that will easily complement the surrounding environment, and keep it within the general theme so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Choose a Cake with the Right Personality
For couples headed down the aisle, their wedding event will likely reflect their personality and taste. The same should be said for the cake, whether preferring a loud design with unique embellishments or a minimalist cake that is simple with a minimal amount of tiers.

elegant weddings, Wedding Cakes, Wedding reception, decor idea
Be Careful With Trends
Cakes are similar to clothing, as they often reflect current trends, between chevron print to ombre shades. Incorporate only a trend or two, and opt for a classic design that will still be in style when the top tier is eaten in a year.

elegant weddings, Wedding Cakes, Wedding reception, decor idea
Don’t Forget About the Taste
Don’t be afraid to make the cake suited for your taste buds instead of pleasing the guests. If marbled or red velvet is a favorite, opt for the flavor that will work to represent your taste instead of being a crowd-pleaser with traditional flavors.
Have Fun with the Frosting
The frosting is the essential canvas for any cake, used to be blended with beautiful shades or even molded to create fine masterpieces. Consider having Fondarific Fondant applied when wanting to create a specific theme with the cake, or to even have it embellished with stunning peonies that cascade down the tiers.

elegant weddings, Wedding Cakes, Wedding reception, decor idea

For those who prefer minimal design elements, use buttermilk frosting that can be used to create several different patterns and designs, while still remaining eatable.

elegant weddings, Wedding Cakes, Wedding reception, decor idea

Whether opting for a wedding cake that is one for the record books, or going the simple route with a delectable dessert that is homemade, both the style and taste should suit the personality of the bride and groom for a cake that is truly one of a kind.

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