5 Ways to Have a Classy Wedding Reception

Ways to Have a Classy Wedding Reception

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As events in life go, few moments are as memorable as a wedding reception. A time for family and friends to come together and celebrate the union of two special people, a wedding reception can be a great time to look back on the good parts of life and consider the future. Fortunately, planning the perfect wedding reception doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are just a few ways to have a classy wedding reception that exceeds your expectations.

1. Give Yourself Time to Plan

Much like an important exam in school, a perfect wedding reception needs preparation time. By weighing a wide variety of ideas, you’ll discover what appeals to you most for the celebration.

2. Don’t Skimp On the Band!

We all know what it’s like to be at a wedding reception with bad music. The good news is that a great wedding band doesn’t have to be an ordeal to hire. Look for a type of music that everyone can appreciate and try for a small ensemble. A small band well-versed in Django Reinhardt’s upbeat jazz catalogue will not only be easier on the wallet, but they’ll also create music that is thrilling for everyone present.

3. Keep Things Elegant

When creating a plan for a wedding reception, try to hold back a bit on the design. In other words, when in doubt, cut it out. By keeping things simple and classy, you’ll create a dream of a reception. It’s like the proverbial little black dress; sometimes less is more, and less is elegant!

4. Find the Perfect Space

Perhaps the most important element of a classy wedding reception is the space itself. You might consider finding ballrooms or meeting rooms for rent to hold the reception at for the big day. You will want to make sure that you have essential equipment and that you have enough space for guests and elegant surroundings for celebrating in. Your guests will thank you!

5. To Open Bar, or Not to Open Bar?

With the recent craze for cocktails that has followed in the wake of “Mad Men,” many couples have decided to have a bit of classy fun with the traditional wedding reception. By having a bar with classic cocktails at the ready, guests will be transported to a more elegant time. Whether it’s the roaring 20’s or the classy 50’s, the options are many for those looking for a fun twist on a wedding.

For these reasons, having the perfect wedding reception doesn’t have to be a chore. By enjoying the process, creating the ideal event will be fun and rewarding for everyone involved. That is wedding planning done right!


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