5 Ways to Make Sure you have that Beautiful Smile for Your Wedding Day


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Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. Many brides have spent years dreaming of their perfect wedding, and even the most prosaic brides want to put their best foot forward on a day when the entire room’s attention will be squarely on them. And while the shiny white dress gets much of the attention, a perfect white smile is equally important. Below are some tips on how to achieve a gorgeous wedding smile.

Healthy is Beautiful

Having perfect white teeth is about more than a toothpaste choice. It is just as important to maintain a tooth friendly diet as it is to brush and floss. Food that is particularly good for tooth health includes milk and cheese due to their high calcium content, as well as protein in the form of meat and nuts. Likewise an apple a day keeps the dentist away, in part because of the juiciness of the fruit itself and in part because of increased saliva production. On the other hand, candy and even soft fruits that stick to the teeth can have the reverse effect and cause cavities and bad breath.

It’s Not Just Fabric That Stains

People eat and drink huge quantities of staining food every day, completely unaware of the cosmetic damage it is doing to their teeth. Coffee, wine and tea are big culprits, especially as many people drink those on a daily basis. Candy and food that is deeply colored on its own can also cause stains. If cutting out staining foods entirely is too much of a challenge, there are ways to reduce the damage. Using a straw bypasses the teeth to a certain degree, which helps prevent staining. Drinking plenty of water also rinses possible stains from teeth before they have time to set.

Consult a Professional

A general dental checkup is advisable before any big event, complete with a thorough cleaning. Aside from ensuring a pretty smile, it will also help maintain good tooth and gum health in the long run. Professional whitening can take place at the same time for those who need extra help in their fight against stained teeth.

Everything is Fixable

For anyone worried about crooked or chipped teeth but without the time to bother with braces, there are other options. Cosmetic dentistry is a growing field, and many dentists offer fast solutions for teeth in need of a makeover. For example, Smith Family Dental offers veneers, porcelain crowns, and lumineers to patients whose smiles need some help. A good dentist can work with a patient for an affordable and timely solution.

Did I Mention Healthy is Beautiful?

No more smoking! Not only is it terrible for teeth and breath, it is just generally unhealthy. It stains teeth and causes breath worse than any candy, while simultaneously aging skin and hair as well. At least temporarily, brides-to-be concerned about their smiles should put away the cigarettes.

All these solutions are straightforward and simple to implement. Some can be done at home without much effort. Others require just a quick dentist’s visit. The results will far outshine any work put into them. Brides who follow these suggestions will have the best smile in the room. Mazel Tov!

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