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rustic romantic bridal bouquet

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If you’re a newly engaged couple, the likes of the venue and guests will probably be taking up most of your time; it’s hard to even comprehend those little details that finally make the big day complete. However, don’t rush these! Of course, your flowers and decorations need that venue to be put in first off, but you might find you need more time than originally thought to achieve the wedding of your dreams.
In particular, those flowers are really the finishing touch. The sweet fragrance and romantic feel of the right selection of flowers can really set your wedding apart from the rest. Get your outstanding bouquets sorted and you’ll find you need little else in terms of decoration.
In terms of finding a trustworthy supplier, have an amazing list to choose from and the sign up is free. All you need to do to state your budget and post code. This will safe you SO much time wandering the streets and crawling the internet, especially when you get wrapped up in reading reviews. This mix of suppliers at your fingertips and calling upon your friends and family for personal and honest recommendations will get you’re the best florists money can buy.

Like everything, and especially weddings, there are certain trends you can look for. Pinterest is an amazing hub of information and inspiration for any newly engaged couple as well as wedding themed websites so we’ve had a look at the top theme to give you the first heads up on beautiful wedding day bouquets:


rustic burlap wedding bridal bouquet
Rustic wedding arrangements have a bit of a foodie theme about them. They look good enough to eat!
Most rustic bouquets suit a colour scheme of red and orange with a whole host of greens from a variety of winter blooming plants and flowers.
Pine branches, moss, seeded stems and crisp white or light red roses work perfectly in a rustic looking arrangements, but half of the fun is in the overall look. Table arrangements can have a whole host of gorgeous patterned papers from corrugated card to red wrapping to give a real Christmas feel. For the bride’s bouquet, the flowers can be tied with garden twine or string and to match the table arrangement, include red and white matt ribbon.

Light and airy

natural bridal bouquet vintage
The rustic theme is associated with winter in general, but there’s no reason why your flowers can embody spring and summer.
To keep along the wintery theme, and ensure your flowers blends with the rest of your winter wedding, is to keep the tone white throughout with small elements of the spring/summer colour palette.
For example, a mixture of tulips and lilies are such good fun and when white is combined together, they make for a striking centrepiece around the main table. With the hint of luscious green from the stems, and sprigs of lavender, you have the best of spring/summer in a wintery setting. The aroma of lavender will be romantic and heart-warming, and is proven to be relaxing amongst a whole host of other qualities too.


natural rustic vintage bridal bouquet wedding

It’s not only the spring and summer that can give you inspiration during the chilly months. Arrangements with seasonal aspects such as pinecones and holly will give a real festive effect.
The key here is to focus your arrangements on the tone white then add in small delicate touches of holly and other wintery elements. Lilies, silver brunia and astrantia are all brilliant plants to complete your snowy winter wedding bouquet but don’t forget to use a fair amount of cotton to bulk up your arrangement too.
Remember to keep your colour light and neutral with frost coated leaves around the base for any arrangements that are handheld.
For other aspects of your big day, these bouquets can be easily converted into table arrangements and smaller elements can be used to decorate the backs of chairs and even worn as cute bracelets for the bridesmaids.


gothic red rose bridal bouquet 9d5b5cca2a3bbf69c759cd836f262425 9bd8257db183c6e3e566b54d7920eaa6
Winter weddings are the perfect time to go red. A red themed wedding during the summer is a disaster, quite frankly!
To achieve your perfect bouquet, and go one step further than the usual red wedding arrangements, is to team the vibrant wedding with a deep purple or mauve.
Rich red roses will make the bulk of your bouquet and any accompanying arrangements you may have, but it is those little extras that will make your wedding day pop. In your bouquets, add a mixture of spindly twigs in dark brown and berries for the deep purple. Set this off slightly with the odd splash of light green in the form of fir tree stems. If you’re planning a red themed winter wedding, this is the bouquet for you.

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