Seven Astounding Celebrity Brides Who Won Their Weddings

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Weddings are usually elaborate events with the bride being the shining gem in the middle of it all. Those preparing for their own big day are always looking out for the best look for their wedding, and often turn to celebrity weddings. Here are seven looks that celebrities have done to really win on their wedding day.

Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding

A royal wedding will certainly live up to the expectations of an elaborate event. When it came to Kate Middleton and her marriage to Prince William, her gown stood out. Her hair, make-up, and jewelry were beautiful but simple, but her gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen did not require any gems or extensive beading to make her the Belle of the ball, with hand-cut English lace and French Chantilly lace. While the same elegant lace might not be available, a similar look can be created with other fabrics and an elegant and simple dress design.

Penelope Cruz’s Old World Flair

penelope cruz wedding day hair

Many brides prefer to have their hair up on their wedding day, but a simple up-do can be boring and dull for such an elaborate event. Penelope Cruz turned simple into extravagant with just a touch of old world. Just wrap braided hair around the bun, and an old look takes on a whole new dimension.

Gwen Stefani’s Bold Color Choices

Brides commonly wear plain white heels on their wedding day, but this is not always the case. Gwen Stefani wore pink sandals to compliment her white and pink gown. However, brides who plan to have a completely white dress can still have colorful shoes. As the saying goes, “Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue.” The bride’s shoes could easily fit in to be the something blue.

Kate Moss’ Soft Pink Rose

Celebrity-weddings-Kate-Moss-and-jamie-Hince-1-via-National-Vintage-wedding-blush gown

Another large part of the wedding day is the bride’s bouquet. If the bride is not daring enough to stray from a traditional white gown and shoes, she can add a gentle splash of color to her wedding bouquet. Kate Moss stuck with white roses and baby’s breath, but she included one soft pink rose for an interesting color and design that had guests talking.

Charlize Theron’s Veil Alternative

Veils are a staple of weddings, but not all brides enjoy having to deal with an overly large dress along with a veil that does not seem prepared to behave for the day. Brides who are tired of all the hassle might consider a bejeweled headband inspired by Charlie Theron’s Art Deco wrap.

Portia de Rossi’s Subtle Coloring

Brides who are tired of the traditional white or off-white gown may consider color. Those who are bold can follow after Gwen Stefani, but those looking for something a bit softer and less noticeable, may just consider Portia de Rossi’s look. Her backless gown include a pale pink tulle skirt for the perfect amount of color and individuality.


Carrie Underwood’s Play on Color

Most brides will use a variety of different flowers when it comes to designing their bouquet in order to get the look they desire. However, Carrie Underwood chose to stick with just peonies. In order to create the ombre effect she wanted, she chose peonies in three different colors and had them arranged in a beautiful concentric design.


With an upcoming wedding, you know you have to be ready with something new and uniquely yours. For inspiration you can look to these celebrity ideas, or you might consider using the past as well. If you have Indian heritage, you might consider a site like Gravity Fashion where you can buy bridal lehenga. Likewise, if you have an old vintage dress, you might be able to incorporate the details like the beading on a bracelet, or just the veil. Stay true to you and find a way to make your wedding your own.

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