7 Ways to Prepare for Your Winter Wedding


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A Winter Wedding Can be beautiful

There are many who will try to discourage you from planning a winter wedding. You should know that a wedding in the winter can be a beautiful and a very memorable event. There are many good ideas that will help the bride and groom to prepare for their magnificent winter wedding. The key to a wedding in the winter is the preparation. With these following ways to prepare you can count on a beautiful wedding that will be the most memorable day of your life.

1. Ask question and be prepared:

Ask yourself during the preparation what you will do in the event of a blizzard. You will want to be prepared and find out what your hired vendors will do in a blizzard/disaster. This will include photographers, DJ, and all players involved in your wedding. If you look at the worst case scenario that could occur in the event of a blizzard then you can also plan your action. You can certainly plan your action in the event of a blizzard occurring on your wedding day. Have a plan in place.

2. Be prepared to save money:

When you choose to have a winter wedding you have the opportunity to save money because you may be offered many discounts from vendors. Flowers is just one example where you can obtain a discount.

3. Ensure Hotel reservations for guests:

You will want to reserve a hotel for your wedding night, especially if you are looking to get a nicer room like a honeymoon suite. You will also want to make sure you have hotels reserved for anywhere that you are going on your honeymoon.

4. Consider the shoes that you will wear:

It is a good idea to be mindful of your shoes. A close-toed style will work well in the winter. Keep in mind that there may be ice that you will need to walk through. You can purchase a classy and dressy pair of shoes for your winter wedding that will be suitable for winter walking.

5. Consider valet parking for your guests:

You may want to invest in a car service to offer your guests convenience. This way they don’t have to stay out in the cold too long having to find a parking spot.

6. Ensure your reception site can accommodate cold weather:

You will want your guests to enjoy a comfortable and memorable reception. Think and plan ahead when you are looking into your reception site. Hotels like Monte Carlo Inns can provide hotel arrangements for your guests.

7. Coats and Scarves:

Guests will appreciate an accessible area to place their winter items. You might want to consider a coat-check attendant to ensure some order for your guests.

Above all the preparations leading up to your wedding day you will want to make sure you plan for one important thing and that is enjoy it. Your wedding day is special for you and your family. Hopefully, if it is right, this special day will only come once. So enjoy it and relish in it for it will and should be the best day of your life.

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