8 Creative ideas for your wedding table decor

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Every bride wants to have the best wedding they can where everything is perfect. One decoration that causes a lot of unnecessary stress and worry are table decorations.

Trends have changed from the traditional, usual bouquets of flowers into a more open minded, creative outlet where brides can choose something that will get their wedding noticed above the rest. For this reason it can seem like a huge task, however below we have listed a wide range of table decorations that could be ideal for your wedding.

1.    Candles

Candles are a beautiful way to decorate your tables and they can add to the lighting of the reception room too. If you are having a late night reception you could have the candle light setting, an ambience in the room to make it feel more romantic. Tea lights are great to use as they’re small so you can have a quite a few together to add more light and they are very cheap to buy. Add a few rose petals to tie in the wedding colors

Don’t forget your friends at Dollar tree the selection is fanstatic and totally affordable!

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2.    Fruit Arrangements

Fruit arrangements may sound strange however some brides have simply had some apples stacked on a large platter in the center of the table. Sounds simple but looks very clean and classy. You could pick a few different fruits to arrange together which match your color scheme and people can eat them throughout the reception.

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  1. 3.    Fishbowls

Ok, let me start with it is NOT OK TO USE FISH IN A CENTERPIECE!!!!!!! Seriously, who wants to eat their salmon with a fish swimming right in front of them???? BUT, that doesnt mean that you cant use the fishbowl in the centerpiece.  Find creative ways to use this as a centerpiece.  One of the easiest ones is to use lovely flowers in a unique fashion.

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wedding, decor, centerpieces, DIY

4.    Photographs

For a more personal touch, why not try to have photos of yourself and the groom on each table. It could be individual pictures from your child hood, as you grow up and even through your courtship. Using photos of the two of you puts a very personal touch to your day. It is a fun and sometimes embarrassing, decoration to have but it will be noticed and enjoyed by your guests.

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5     Grab the wind

DIY outdoor weddings can be a fun and cost effective way to decorate your tables! Of Course Martha shows us a simple way to custom make these little goodies!

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6.    Books

An unusual center piece which has been seen is having books arranged together. Usually it would be old rustic books which are a bit worn and have a bit of character to them. You can arrange them tied together with brown string or even have a couple of delicate flowers placed on top. This has been seen at a Jane Austen inspired wedding but if it matches your theme it’s a very unique idea to use.

wedding, decor, books, centerpieces, DIY


7.    Living centerpieces-

Why use flowers that might just die 🙁  how about creative terrariums that will live long after the wedding?  Give your guests a special centerpiece to add to their home.  What a delightufl was to share the memories and go green!

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8.    Bird Cages

Another quirky center piece is using bird cages. Try not to think of bird cages from pet shops but the old style classic bird cages which look rustic and vintage. You can find small ones or very tall ones which work better on tables. Inside you could have flowers, candles or even origami birds hanging. If you buy them from a charity shop or market you can always paint them to your chosen colors and create a wonderfully different center piece.

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Ann 9/19/13

These ideas are fabulous! I really enjoy the idea of the living centerpieces. It’s not something I see very often, but it’s so symbolic for the life of a marriage!


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