Affordable Wedding Options: 5 Tips For A Beautiful Backyard Party


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A backyard wedding can be beautiful, but, like any wedding, it takes planning. Getting the lawn ready, preparing the landscaping, and renting a tent are all steps that require earlier planning than many people anticipate. You will also need to plan out your lighting, beautiful centerpieces, and other fun details. Backyard wedding parties or ceremonies are often among the most beautiful and affordable weddings, but you should heed some of the following tips before thinking they are overly simple.

Start with the Lawn

Your lawn is important on your wedding day. Your guests are not going to want to walk on bare earth, weeds, or dead grass. (And obviously none of those look very nice.) Unless you are an ace at lawn care, call in a professional and talk about what needs to be done to get your lawn up to snuff. You may be surprised how long your lawn needs to look its best. If you need new grass or turf to match your existing lawn, you might look for companies that can help you with that. One grower, Western Turf Farms Ltd., that offers lawn installation in Vancouver suggests giving them a good deal of time to grow custom turf to match your yard. While that may take longer than you would wish, you should do your best to match and complete the yard for the big day.

Affordable Wedding Options 5 Tips For A Beautiful Backyard wedding

Next Think About the Landscape

If you want to change, add to, or just improve your landscaping, you need to think now. Like your lawn, this takes time. If you are taking out bushes or adding bushes, they, too, will need time to take root and look their best. Additionally, if you are thinking certain flowers growing in your yard would be the perfect backdrop, make sure you know when they are blooming. It will determine exactly when your wedding can be. You can do this alone, but if you are unsure of any of it, call up a landscaping company for advice and help.

A Covered Area

All outdoor weddings should plan on having some sort of covered area, whether it is an already existing porch or a rented tent. Rain or blistering sun can put a damper on your day, so it is important to have a place to move to in order to get out the elements.


If your wedding is during the day, this will be no problem. But, if it goes into the later hours, you will need to plan the lighting. Whether it is candles, twinkle lights, something new you have permanently installed, or all three, it will impact the ambiance of the wedding. You may also want to check in with the photographer about lighting.


If it is the right time of year, you can save a lot on flowers. If your yard is usually full of springtime blooms, cut some to use as centerpieces. Using what your yard already provides will be beautiful and is a great way to save.

You can have the wedding you always wanted right in the backyard if you take the time to plan and get creative.

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