Balloons for a #wedding? YES!!! The sassy and classy way!

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You may not have considered the possibility of using balloons as part of your wedding presentation, and frankly I wouldn’t blame you! Balloons are usually associated with children’s birthday parties and promotional events… not a look anyone would expect to replicate on their special day.

However with the right colors and finish, and a little bit of creativity, balloons can form a centerpiece to your nuptials that will give you guests a pleasant surprise and add to the festivities!

  1. Huge balloons.

These massive, spherical balloons look so effective in photographs especially if you’re using them to accent your color scheme. Accessorize with long tassels or ribbons to match your style.

Wedding Balloon Ideas - White Balloon Wedding Centerpieces

  white-balloon-dessert-buffet the dtales

        2. Table decorations.

Using balloons as centerpieces and chair decorations is a risky business, it can go very wrong! Be careful to use balloons sparingly, you don’t need to attach them to every single thing! Too many balloons will give your wedding a children’s party effect that you may not have intended. However, when done tastefully, balloon table details can be elegant and accent your color scheme beautifully.

                3. Upholstered Balloons.

This trend is really taking off! It’s a simple idea but if it’s done properly it can add a unique and interesting detail to your wedding day. Simply cover helium balloons with a fine fabric and tie it together with ribbon. If you choose a brightly colored balloon and dress it if a sheer, pale fabric for a pastel effect. If you’re feeling creative, helium balloons can be dressed with netting to replicate hot air balloons! Add beading and flowers for a vintage-inspired centerpiece.

wedding baloon lace the dtales

          4. Balloon Invitations.

If you’re looking for a unique way to present your wedding invitations or save the dates, why not make your own cards with a little pocket for a deflated balloon, and have the balloons printed with the event details! It’s a fun and different way to reveal the details for your special day to your loved ones.


baloon save the date

This post was written by Laura Streets for [Signature Balloons](, who provide quality, bespoke balloon designs for all occasions.

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Jen Adams 7/16/13

CUTE stuff! I would love these styles of balloons to photograph at weddings!

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