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Your wedding day was hopefully one of the happiest and most memorable (for the right reasons) days of your life. Now, if you are like most people, you want to not only continue to remember happy events but also relive events that give you pleasure. After all, why do you keep on going to watch your favorite sporting team or eating at your favorite restaurant? Because it gives you pleasure. Well, who’s to say that you shouldn’t renew your wedding vows? After all, chances are that it gave you pleasure and you enjoyed it, so why not? And given that you are now older and wiser, renewing your wedding vows would be a totally different experience.

It’s Your Wedding

Just think about it, when you married the first time, was it really your wedding? No, this is not a trick question. The intent was whether you did things your way or were their extraneous circumstances such as the demands of parents, sticking with convention, financial constraints, or cousins who just had to be invited notwithstanding that their mere presence was enough to tarnish your special day.

You are now your own people. You do not need your parent’s blessing, or checkbook, to wed. You only need to invite, or not invite, who you please. This wedding is only for you and your special other.

Same, Same, Different

OK, the wedding ceremony may or may not be similar to the first; however there are so many things you could do differently. For example, you may elect to have your children present when renewing your vows. What could be a more vivid illustration of the love you have for one another than having the tangible proof of your love present? And just imagine how a second wedding ceremony would impact and strengthen your family. You could even give your children a part to play in the ceremony.

Ring, Ring

Depending on how long ago you married and your ring of choice at the time, renewing your vows may be the perfect time to renew your wedding ring or rather engagement ring. Should you decide to not make the ceremony a surprise, then you may want to refurbish the existing ring with a new setting and additional diamonds. If it is a surprise though, a new ring may well be in order.

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Surprise, Surprise

To surprise your spouse or not, that is the question. Either way, the result will be special, so the choice is yours. The surprise element will come at the expense of you having to invest more time and effort though in the whole process.

There are numerous other factors to consider such as location (same as the first time or new), guest list or private ceremony, formal or casual; in short, the sky is the limit and anything goes. This is your wedding vow renewal and this time you will do it exactly as you please.
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