Beach Wedding: Ideas to Make Your Dreams Come True

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Many brides have a very specific idea of the type of wedding they want. They know the kind of wedding dress they want, the number of guests they plan to invite, who will be in the wedding party, and what they will serve. Many brides have also given a great deal of thought to where they plan to hold the wedding. One of the most popular places to hold a wedding is on a beach. A beach wedding can be a beautiful and elegant occasion, the culmination of years of dreaming. However, proper planning is essential if the beach wedding is to flow as smoothly as possible.

Plan Well in Advance

Any beach location must be scouted well advance. Popular locations may be booked up for months. If you have a very specific stretch of sand in mind, find out exactly who owns it. Some parts of the shore are owned by private property owners, while others are open to the public. Even if a beach is open to the public, you may need a permit to hold a gathering there, as well as place any additional items such as an altar and chairs for your guests to sit. Find out what authorities are in charge of the beach as soon as you can.

Investigate Seating and Decorations Options

If you are planning a beach wedding on a beach that is privately owned by a company such as a hotel or luxury rentals, the company will often provide you everything you need to hold the wedding ceremony. This includes all floral decorations, carpeting, or other materials for the aisle and comfortable chairs for all your guests. If you are holding your wedding on a public beach, find out what companies provide such items. Many will have packages designed specifically for beach use. They are often made from materials designed to stand up to heavy use, and salt air.

Think about Timing

Timing is vitally important when planning beach weddings. Consider exactly when you want to hold the wedding. If possible, avoid the height of the day as this can be uncomfortable for guests. Consider holding the ceremony as the sun is setting. This can provide a beautiful background for pictures of the entire bridal party.

Decorate Your Way

One of the funnest parts of designing your wedding is decorating the venue. Get everything you’ll need before hand, and be sure you have enough to provide the look you want. For an airy, effortless feel, don’t spend much here. Provide a simple canopy and chairs. Clear glass cups can be used to serve your drink of choice once the ceremony has ended. If you want to show off more of your style and flair, a few well-placed ribbons wound around the chairs and canopy can be a great stylized way to show off your colors.

A beach can be a delightful and utterly lovely place to hold a wedding. Think carefully about all the details involved in the location you have in mind. You will have the wedding of your dreams.

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