Best Tips for Deciding on a Wedding Venue

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Planning a wedding is difficult enough without having to take a gigantic and expensive chance your venue isn’t up to the task. Here are some timely tips for couples planning their big day.


Ask to speak to past customers of the venue. This is where the tires hit pavement. If the venue becomes secretive or uncooperative at this point, move on. Every wedding venue has a stable of satisfied customers they can call on for testimonials when new couples are considering a reservation.

Make Sure They Know the Area

Any experienced wedding venue is going to know their home town like they know their front door. They should be able to direct you to any service or business in the area. If they can’t, this is a big red flag. Ask for referrals, even if you don’t need them. See what they say.


Then, you should ask any prospective venue to recommend a photographer, at least one outside caterer and a musician, because these are all services you’re probably going to need. A competent venue will not only give you excellent options, but they will give you multiple excellent options. Make sure you can do comparisons. Venues like Cartier Place & Towers Suite Hotels have many such options. This is more important than you may think.

Location Advice

Most weddings will take place at location A, and then adjourn to location B for the party. On infrequent occasions the wedding and party happen in the same place, of course, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Every wedding venue should be able to tell you the best places to stage your ceremony. Many are located near major landmarks like lakes, shorelines, scenic routes or tourist attractions for the express purpose of offering wedding at those locations. Be sure to ask if your venue has such a location in mind. You might be surprised.


One of the greatest sources of stress relief in wedding planning is the ability to delegate to a competent assistant. Things like flowers, cakes and catering/service assistance can either be a case of “Oh, we do that too,” or they can be a case of “I can’t handle any more.” Check with the venue ahead of time and see if they have a concierge-style service option. Weddings don’t have to be stressful.

Sites like The Wedding Community are also full of good advice. A lot of these are things many couples forget until the last second, which makes them more expensive. Finding a great venue is only a matter of planning ahead.

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