Book em! Memorial wedding ideas!

wedding ring bearer pillow

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You have picked out the perfect groom and the perfect rings for your wedding day (and of course the rest of your lives!!!) so how are you gonna get em to the alter? Toss the pillow and consider this easy peasy idea.

Wanting to dedicate something as a memorial for those who have passed? how about using on of their special books incorporated into the ceremony…..

ringbearer pillow ideas books

How about adding grandma’s special pearl necklace or a rosary?

bible ringbearer pillow book

How about a family heirloom that has been passed down through the years. Add a pretty ribbon or maybe even a piece of lace from Great Aunt Paula’s dress

wedding ringbearer book

Create your own family heirloom. Head to the closest store and pick up a gorgeous brand new bible.  You can find them around $6 and many Christian bookstores will customize them for a small fee $3-$10. You will now have a family tradition that starts with you and your new husband!!!!

wedding bible ringbearer

ringbearer pillow ideas books

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