Boost Your Wedding in 2014 with 2013 Celebrity Wedding Tips!

celebrity wedding tips and trends

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Are you stumped as to how you can make your 2014 wedding really leave an impression on your guests? You’re in luck- 2013 was all about fabulous celebrity weddings that you can snag great ideas from for your own nuptials this year. From accessories to gowns to awesome themes, follow these 2013 celebrity wedding tips to make your big day one that nobody will ever forget!

The celebrity ideas and themes for a glam day of your own

Surprisingly, celebrities were for the most part rather low-key when it came to their nuptials in 2013. Zoe Saldana and Kerry Washington, for example, opted for simple and intimate affairs over the more showy extravaganzas of other celebs. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have their own version of glitz, however- deep jewel tones, fabulous food, and great keepsakes for their guests helped make their big days ones to remember for a lifetime. When it comes to a smaller wedding, think like the stars do and go for romance- pearls, lace, candles, and everything dreamy to make your day intimate and special for everyone.

Make your big day really one to remember by letting your guests get involved like Kate Bosworth did for her 2013 wedding day. Kate supplied all her guests with Polaroid cameras so they could take their own pictures of the wedding, then had each of her guests post their pics on in the lodge for everyone else to view. A fun and relatively inexpensive way to capture every single moment of the best day of your life, and your guests can have a blast doing their part to make your day special!

2014 wedding gown tips and trends

The accessories you can’t miss out on

Celebs are known for fashion, so it’s no surprise that they often go all-out when it comes to their accessories and even their gowns to really stand out on the biggest day of their lives. Many stars of 2013 donned crowns and tiaras to bring their fairy tale weddings to life. Still others went with exotic flowers like Shenae Grimes of 90210 fame. Shenae even dared to wear a black Vera Wang gown to say her ‘I do’s, to the delight of her intimate guest party.

John Legend’s bride wore not one, not two, but three designer gowns for her nuptials so she would look glamorous at every turn, reports Us Magazine. If you’re on a budget, consider a classic yet sexy mermaid wedding gown that will turn every head in the room. Just like the stars, you can accessorize your wedding gown in stunning ways, from a lavender sash to Swavorski crystals that glitter with every pass. You don’t have to wear multiple wedding gowns to make a beautiful bride on your fabulous day, you just have to find the perfect style, like a mermaid, that will make you feel like a queen.

Even small upgrades can take your wedding from fun to completely memorable. Remember that it doesn’t take a flashy addition to make your wedding complete; it’s the little touches that make all the difference. Even the stars and their 2013 nuptials realized that less is usually more.

In the end, it’s all about YOU

Here’s where your wedding goes from blah to totally fun- remember that your big day is all about the touches, the gown, and the color scheme that you want, so take a hint from the celebrities you love best but don’t let them define your wedding for you. After all, it’s your big day, and if you want to make your 2014 wedding a real smash, follow your heart and do whatever it is that pleases you most. You don’t have to be trendy, you just have to have a great time.

Whether you want an all-out bash or just a simple ceremony, the stars in 2013 followed many trends that are easy to replicate in 2014 for an amazing wedding of your own. Let your heart lead the way, and explore the many great wedding trends of 2013 that you can use for your own wedding this year!


This is a guest post by Lilly Sheperd, a freelance writer an occasional guest blogger who shares her thoughts mostly about fashion and design related topics.





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