Budget wedding blues?- DIY!!! Make your wedding look like a million bucks with this easy project!

Paper wedding chargers

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One thing that ALWAYS makes a wedding table look oh so polished, is that pretty little charger.  You know what i mean….   That special touch that creates a delicious little spot where you are warmly welcomed to the table.  I am HUGE fan of charges but not every budget can afford to buy or rent them.  This is the sweetest and cost effective way to welcome your guests. Imagine… Simple paper doilies.  I found them for $22 bucks!

SOOOOO , simple.  Here is what you will need:

  • Paper Doilies
  • Stamp (here is where YOU need to think.  Monogram, themed design….. oh, i just thought of who i will use this one with, yippee)
  • Stamp ink (get creative and match your wedding colors)

The first think you will need to do is consider what size you will need.  For the most part you wont want anything smaller than 10″ or it will look so tiny on the table.  Then start stamping (you are gonna have to google how to stamp yourself!!!) THAT’S it!  How easy is that?  Look how adorable this shabby chic version is.  Elegance for less than $30!!!!


DIY wedding vintage chargers






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