Perfect Reception: Make Memories to Last a Lifetime


Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. You have found the perfect partner, and your friends and family have gathered in one place to celebrate your love. Hosting the perfect reception will ensure that they remember the day as well as you do. Instead of falling into the boring mold of


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A sneak peek at Ferrell and Allen’s dreamy garden wedding- Withers Maquire House


When i met Ferrell and Allen, i was beyond excited when i heard their vision!  They wanted a vintage feel with the look of Black tie!  Despite the threat of rain and wind, the night turned out to be a magical night of FUN!!!! A little family history that made it even more cool!  The


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Reception Rules: Ideas to Make Your Party Unforgettable

Reception Rules Ideas to Make Your wedding Party Unforgettable

The most unforgettable wedding receptions find a perfect combination of romance, reflection, good music, food, fun, and an extra special wow factor. Finding the right balance is the biggest challenge any couple faces as they plan their night. These ideas to make your party unforgettable, and should help lead you in the right direction. You


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How to Share Your Wedding Like a Pro

How to Share Your Wedding Like a Professional slideshow

We get it, your big day is best attended live. But sometime it’s not possible for everyone to attend if they live overseas or have commitments that can’t be broken. Luckily, there are other ways to share your wedding, such as the following: Periscope Before choosing an alternative way to share your wedding, determine who


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Adorable Ideas for a Western-Themed Wedding


Western-themed weddings seem to be getting more popular in recent years. Couples are choosing locations like ranches and barns as their wedding venues, and adding fun western flair to their ceremony and reception to great effect. Once the venue is selected, try these great ideas for a unique wedding that speaks to your interests. Hay


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Weird and Wonderful: How to Make Your Wedding Unlike Any Other

WeirdandWonderful HowtoMakeYourWeddingUnlikeAnyOther

In many ways, weddings are about tradition. The tux and the extravagant white dress. Cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, and dancing. And of course, every culture and family has their particular or even peculiar wedding traditions. But what if you want your wedding to stand out? You can follow most of the wedding norms


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How to Make Your Wedding Video Stand Out

How to Make Your Wedding Video Stand Out

There are approximately 2.3 million couples married each year in the U.S. and with nearly 50 percent of newlyweds spending more than they anticipated on their weddings. With so much time and resources invested in your big day, you want to ensure that your wedding video captures the essence of all the proceedings and is


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How to Plan an Elegant Backyard Wedding 

How to Plan an Elegant Backyard Wedding 

In 2012, Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg married his long-time girlfriend in an intimate ceremony in their own backyard. It was a relatively simple affair. They picked foods from budget-friendly local restaurants and, according to Forbes, ordered Burdick chocolate mice that generally retail at $3.25 a piece. The Zuckerbergs show that not all weddings


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Wedding Day: Tips For A Beautiful Wedding On A Budget

WeddingDay TipsForABeautifulWeddingOnABudget()

Your wedding day should be a unique expression of your love. Your family and friends have gathered to celebrate your love. A gathering that is devoted to sharing your love should be beautiful in and of itself. Weddings can be beautiful without needless spending. How many friends do you have that poured over $30,000 in


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