6 Wedding Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With

Wedding Gifts You Can't Go Wrong With

Summer and early fall mark wedding season for many happy couples. For such a momentous occasion, guests are often stumped to find the perfect gift. A couple may register for gifts, but may have no idea what gifts will be the most welcome. Nothing requires you to stick to the items on a registry. Consider


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7 Items You Don’t Want To Forget To Put On Your Registry


This is an exciting time in your life, but also one in which you will have to make many major decisions in a relatively short period of time. The wedding registry is one of those areas where there are a seemingly endless variety of lists of must-haves. Thankfully, there are only a few things that


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An Easy Guide to Bachelorette Party Food & Drinks

An Easy Guide to Bachelorette Party Food & Drinks

Your best gal pal is getting married and you are in charge of throwing her the bachelorette party to end all bachelorette parties. You have the decorations, you have the theme and the itinerary for the night is set, which leaves you with just one, sort of major, detail to take care of: food and


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5 Tips To Make Sure Your Bachelorette Party Is Both Safe And Fun


When celebrating your last night as a single woman before it’s time to say, “I do,” it’s important to throw the ultimate bachelorette party for a fun night out. Although you can enjoy hitting different clubs and celebrating with your bridesmaids, it’s still important to plan a party that is safe. To enjoy letting loose


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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Bachelorette Party is One of a Kind


Your bachelorette party is a one of those events where everyone involved is there to have as much fun as possible. Because this is such a major part of your wedding festivities, you’ll want to make it special. The fun thing about planning your bachelorette party is that there are so many exciting things you


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Ideas For Throwing Your Next Joint Wedding Shower

bridal wedding shower ideas

Joint wedding showers have recently become incredibly popular among both heterosexual and same sex couples. Unlike traditional showers, joint showers seem to take on a more specific theme that benefits both individuals, similar to your typical engagement party. Whether you’re planning your own shower, or the shower of a close friend or family member, now


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