Behind-the-Bar Secrets to Make Your Reception a Success


Your wedding should be a special, magical, and memorable night, and your reception should be a perfect reflection of the entire event. Focus on picking out the most delicious foods for your guests to enjoy, and consider how to make the bar a unique, note-worthy gathering place for beautiful wedding memories. Safety First Weddings exude


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How to Plan an Elegant Backyard Wedding 

How to Plan an Elegant Backyard Wedding 

In 2012, Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg married his long-time girlfriend in an intimate ceremony in their own backyard. It was a relatively simple affair. They picked foods from budget-friendly local restaurants and, according to Forbes, ordered Burdick chocolate mice that generally retail at $3.25 a piece. The Zuckerbergs show that not all weddings


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Host a Sophisticated Wedding At Home

Host a Sophisticated backyard Wedding At Home

The average cost of a wedding hit a record high in 2014. According to The Knot, couples spent $30,000 on their big day last year. The wedding venue and catering services alone run upward of $13,000. Other wedding events like rehearsal dinners, after parties and day-after brunches can easily tack an extra thousand dollars or


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Ways to Make Your Venue Unique Compared to Other Weddings

Ways to Make Your Venue Unique Compared to Other Weddings

If you are like majority of couples getting married, you will put a great amount of thought into planning your big day, and choosing the venue will be one of the most important decisions that you make. Weddings can take place almost anywhere, from a ballroom to a faraway beach. Even though you may choose


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6 Essentials for Setting Up an Outdoor Wedding

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An outdoor wedding can be one of the most beautiful events that can take place in the life of any couple. That’s why it’s important to have everything planned in advance of the big day to make sure everything turns out perfect. Location Finding the perfect location for your outdoor wedding sets the tone for


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5 Amazing Places Around the World to Have the Perfect Wedding

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Picking the perfect wedding location is often one of the most exciting aspects of planning your wedding. Depending on what time of year you are having your wedding, you can pretty much go anymore in the world to get married. Hiring a great destination wedding photographer will complete the package and give you a quality


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Alternative Wedding: Making it About More Than You


It used to be that couples married at a young age, before they were financially stable. Wedding gifts were a way for family and friends to help the newlyweds start their life together with a nest egg and household goods. But more and more, couples are independent by the time they get married, and their


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Backyard Weddings: 5 Tips to Host the Intimate Wedding of Your Dreams

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Forget the church or country club. Your ideal wedding venue may be as close as your own backyard. In 2012, the average wedding in the U.S. cost over $28,000, according to a survey from wedding website The Knot. Hosting a backyard wedding is a great way to save money, although it’s important to plan carefully


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Wedding Decorations: Six Creative and Unique Ideas to Incorporate into your reception!

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Your wedding is a special day. There are so many things to think about such as food, dresses and decorations that it can take months, even years, to plan the perfect wedding. There are some things that you can do to add a unique look to your wedding that are affordable. Photography Pictures and videos


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Simple tips for a backyard wedding!

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With the average cost of a wedding coming in at $28,400 dollars, according to CNN, it’s no wonder couples are looking to save by utilizing backyard space. The advantages go beyond just monetary, though. Using the yard gives brides and other wedding planners the opportunity to create an ideal atmosphere catered to their specific desires.


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