Five Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Tying the Knot in Marriage

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If you’re considering marriage, there’s a lot to think about. There’s also a lot for you to talk about with your partner. Even if you live together, you probably don’t know everything about the person you want to marry. In the United States, a couple gets divorced every 36 seconds. By tackling the major issues


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How to have the perfect Honeymoon after the perfect wedding

Honeymoon wedding

You have spent years preparing for just this occasion, and now the moment has arrived. The perfect wedding is about to be yours. You are a great couple, the guests are assembled, vows written, and the cake ordered. Once that is over, it is off to your honeymoon and you want it to be just


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Wedding Day Gift Ideas for Your Groom

groom gives gifts

A few weeks until the wedding and you just remembered you haven’t bought your groom a gift. Breathe, bride-to-be. Don’t panic. On a very basic level, we give gifts because we’re supposed to — it’s tradition. Birthdays, holidays and anniversaries are often accompanied by gifts. But on a deeper level, we do it (or we’re


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Newlyweds? 3 Tips To Survive Buying Your First Home

Newlyweds? 3 Tips To Survive Buying Your First Home

To say that buying a home is stressful is an understatement. Large amounts of money are involved, real estate laws can be perplexing, and the buyer vs seller relationship is essentially adversarial. For couples, two different personalities and sets of preferences must be reconciled. Further, purchasing a home calls in to play a lifetime of


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A Crash Course in Money Management for Newlyweds

A Crash Course in Money Management for Newlyweds

Now newlyweds, you’ve most likely (or hopefully) exchanged financial histories and goals, spending and saving habits, debt, expectations and even the financial culture of your household as a child. If you haven’t already, begin to break down topics in depth, like student loan payments, managing credit card spending, tracking expenses, retirement or saving for a


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Tips For Combining Households As Newlyweds

Tips For Combining Households As Newlyweds

It’s more and more common for couples to live together before they get married, but this doesn’t always mean the household is combined. Marriage puts a stamp on the relationship like nothing else can, and after the ceremony (and party), couples commonly relocate and combine their households at the same time. But how do newlywed


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5 Questions to Ask Before You Tie the Knot


When matrimony is planned carefully it can turn into a beautiful, life-long partnership. However, before tying the knot many forget to ask some important questions of their partners. This can place an expiration date on their marriage later in life. Therefore, before taking a leap into marriage, sit down with your partner and have a


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Tips for Choosing a Honeymoon Destination You’ll Both Enjoy

Tips for Choosing a Honeymoon Destination You'll Both Enjoy

Your wedding marks the beginning of your lifelong commitment to partnership, and one of the first decisions you’ll make together is your honeymoon destination. You might like art, but she might like beaches. He might like spending a few days in the lap of luxury, but you might want to rough it for a while.


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7 Items You Don’t Want To Forget To Put On Your Registry


This is an exciting time in your life, but also one in which you will have to make many major decisions in a relatively short period of time. The wedding registry is one of those areas where there are a seemingly endless variety of lists of must-haves. Thankfully, there are only a few things that


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Must-Read Advice for All Engaged Couples

Must ReadAdviceforAllEngagedCouples

More than 2 million people head to the little white church each year in the United States. That breaks down to 6,200 weddings each day. If you’re tying the knot with your dearly beloved soon, there’s a lot to know before you say those two little words. And, no, we’re not talking about wedding planning


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