How to Create a Unique, Memorable Reception Your Guests will Love

How to Create a Unique, Memorable Reception Your Guests will Love

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You want your guests to enjoy your special day as much as you do. When planning your wedding reception, keep the following ideas in mind, and your guests will be sure to enjoy the day and remember the event for years to come.


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A Guide To Finding The Best Engagement Ring To Fit Your Personality

perfect engagement ring

Although you arent the one deciding on what ring to buy, you need to drop hints! facebook swoons, show him photos and even drag him in a store to play. Choose a symbol of your forever love that reflects the unique relationship you and your partner share. Start where almost everyone who is planning a


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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Ring for your Fiance

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Ring for your Fiance

If you’re getting ready to pop the question or have set a date for your wedding, but still need to purchase the rings, the process of choosing the ring can be daunting. Take the time to review these tips and learn a little bit about the process of choosing a ring. Knowledge is power and


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Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend…or Are They? 4 Unique, Nontraditional Engagement Rings

irish wedding band

Getting engaged is an exciting time in any girl’s life. The minute you tell anyone that you are engaged, most likely the first thing they will say is “Let me see the ring!” These days, there are hundreds of thousands of designs for wedding and engagement rings, so every bride-to-be can find one that fits


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How To Make Your Wedding Ring Shine And Look New Again

engagement ring style cleaning

Even the most expensive pieces of jewelry can quickly become dull and lose their luster due to grime that diminishes the overall appearance. With daily use and environmental elements, wedding rings can become clouded and appear smaller in size. There are several methods and products available that can restore the glimmer and shine that was


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What engagement ring is your style?

diamond Wedding and engagement rings shapes and sizes

Dont forget to bring him along to check em out……


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Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring – How to Choose Each One

diamond Wedding and engagement rings shapes and sizes

Just to make sure we are on the same page, let’s get our definitions straight from the get-go. An engagement ring is the ring that is presented when a man requests a woman’s hand in marriage (or soon thereafter). It signifies that a woman is “off the market” and usually contains a diamond or other


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You Said Yes! Now What? 5 Wedding Planning Tips For Every Bride

wedding planning honeymoon packing destination

It is an amazing moment when your fiancé proposes. You are riding an emotional high that you feel like you will never come down from. However, once you inevitably come back to Earth, you will realize all the things you need to do to plan the wedding. Here are five wedding planning tips to make


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Fashion trends 2013- not just wedding

rbk woman reading fashion magazine de e

Keeping in touch with the latest fashion trends can be really overwhelming and absurd at times.  But, the fun part is looking at all the changes as they happen. Imagine if style stayed the same all the time! What a dull world we would live in.  Let’s take a look at   what styles we’re leaving


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Vintage Jewelry is the rage!!!

gatsby inspired wedding jewelry

It doesn’t take a degree in 20th century history and fashion to add a little vintage glamour to your wedding day. The opportunity to add some classic style to your look is abundant, and there’s no better place for some old-fashioned flair than in your choice of jewelry and accessories for the big day. Vintage


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