The Out-of-Towners: Treat Them Like Wedding Royalty, Too

TheOut of Towners:TreatThemLikeWeddingRoyalty,Too

Planning a wedding? Even the smallest parties are likely to include a few out-of-town visitors. Beyond the wedding festivities, it’s important to treat these guests to an excursion to show your appreciation for their presence at your big day. Taking Advantage of Charming Locales Every region has attractions for out-of-town visitors. Treat guests who have


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In and Out: How to Have the Best of Both Venues at your Wedding


There are many things engaged couples have to consider when it comes to planning their wedding. From the cake and flowers to the venue being indoors or outdoors, there are so many options to consider. For the choice between indoor and outdoor events, there are advantages and disadvantages to both, but why not try to


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A sneak peek at Ferrell and Allen’s dreamy garden wedding- Withers Maquire House


When i met Ferrell and Allen, i was beyond excited when i heard their vision!  They wanted a vintage feel with the look of Black tie!  Despite the threat of rain and wind, the night turned out to be a magical night of FUN!!!! A little family history that made it even more cool!  The


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Wedding Tip- Venue selection


Start with the basics first,  Think about your guests. What is the ideal location for your family and friends?  A big hotel that everyone can stay in, a small wedding in Mom and Dad’s backyard (hotels close by?), or a rented hall. Once you’ve chosen the right fit for your guests, finding the venue will be


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Six Ways to Plan a Wedding Reception That Will Keep Wedding Guests Talking for Years

Six Ways to Plan a Wedding Reception That Will Keep Wedding Guests Talking for Years

After hours of flipping through wedding magazines and scrolling Pinterest pages, you’re convinced no new wedding reception ideas exist. This thought discourages you because you want your guests to remember your reception long after your honeymoon send-off. Don’t despair. Plan your reception with the six ideas below to ensure your friends and family still discuss


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Five Things You Should Have Figured Out Before You Do The Rest Of The Wedding Planning

Five Things You Should Have Figured Out Before You Do The Rest Of The Wedding Planning

When you first get engaged, it is tempting to jump head-first into all of the wedding planning. However, it is important to sit down with your fiance and decide what type of wedding you want. Here are five things that you should consider before you plan your entire wedding. Timetable Though excited relatives and family


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How to Make your Wedding Reception the Best Party Ever!

how to make your wedding reception the best party ever!

Weddings are times for celebration, and there is no better place to celebrate new nuptials than the wedding reception. The reception is a chance to make memories that will last forever, and the difference between a bad reception and a great one is in the details. Focus on these key elements, and your wedding reception


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5 Best Characteristics for Your Dream Wedding Venue


Are you a bride or groom preparing for your dream wedding? Are you looking for the perfect venue for your big day? Do you want everything to go perfectly—from the ceremony to the reception—but you’re not exactly where you should begin in the process? Weddings are difficult enough with the stress and cost: you shouldn’t


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Create the DIY Wedding of Your Dreams on a Budget

Wedding Reception Table Centerpieces

From the very moment he proposes, your planning begins. You’ll start imagining your special day, choosing a venue and a date, considering the size of your guest list, and visualizing your color palette. For brides and grooms who want to create an extra personal touch for their wedding celebration, a DIY approach is best. Arm


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Host a Sophisticated Wedding At Home

Host a Sophisticated backyard Wedding At Home

The average cost of a wedding hit a record high in 2014. According to The Knot, couples spent $30,000 on their big day last year. The wedding venue and catering services alone run upward of $13,000. Other wedding events like rehearsal dinners, after parties and day-after brunches can easily tack an extra thousand dollars or


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