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Looking great on your wedding day is a must and having a wedding photographer that understands the importance of your photos is a huge must. Your whole wedding day should be captured in stunning images, so how can you be sure that the photographer that you chose is going to be able to do that?
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Once engaged, many brides start the wedding planning process immediately. If you’re one of those brides, finding a wedding photographer will be the first thing that you do. Wedding photographers have schedules that book up a year in advance, sometimes even further out. If you want pictures that depict your wedding perfectly, keep this in mind, especially if it’s during peak season (Saturdays during the spring).

Ask friends and family who have held weddings prior to yours for recommendations. They will let you look at their wedding album and give you some insight on the photographer they hired. Word of mouth is sometimes the best way to discover an excellent photographer.

Look at wedding photo samples of a list of photographers you’re interested in. These samples will help you eliminate the photographers you are not interested in. Also consider your budget and how much the photographer costs as this might change your decision on some of the photographers.

Think about the tone that you want your photos to express. If you’re looking for serious and traditional, the photographer of your choice should be able to portray that tone. If you want light-hearted and playful, they should be able to accomplish that as well. The photographer should be flexible with the tone that you’re looking to achieve.
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A seasoned professional will have a solid background. When you’ve narrowed down your list of optional photographers, sit down with them and do a short interview. Make the interview as laid back as possible to see if the two of you are comfortable with each other. You don’t want a photographer that’s going to make your wedding day stuffy and uncomfortable.

After the initial interview, you should have just a few photographers that seem to jive well with what you’re looking for. You should continue to meet with them to get to know them more and pick the one that seems best fit. Once you’ve made a decision you can determine the costs and sign the contract, committing both of you to the final decision of services that are expected.
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Having a photographer figured out for your wedding is a huge sigh of relief for everybody. Your wedding photographer will help you experience the best day of your life while capturing it so you can experience it for years to come.

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