Ciara and Patsy

Traditions of special bride and groom and their wedding ceremony. Handfasting is an ancient Celtic custom common in Ireland in which a man and woman come together at the start of their marriage. During the ritual, the bride and groom holds hands, right hand in right hand, and left hand in left. Ribbon or cord is then wrapped around their wrists. Simply in a figure 8, signifying infinity. People say this is where the saying “tying the knot” originated fro Couples have included handfasting in their ceremonies, but I wanted to learn a bit more about the history of the ritual. And i was pretty surprised by what I found! The handfasting ritual recognized simply as one of many forms of marriages permitted under the ancient Irish law. They agreed to stay together for a specific period of time. That was usually a year-and-a-day. At the end of the year, the couple faced a choice. They could enter into a “permanent” marriage contract, renew their agreement for another year, or go their separate ways.
Although not the most romantic of origins, but using today’s interpretation would be a lovely touch of Irish culture to add to a wedding!

The claddagh ring is one of the most well-known Irish wedding traditions. Passing down from mother to daughter or grandmother to granddaughter. Representing love, friendship, and loyalty. Single ladies wear the ring on their right hand. Pointing of the heart facing the fingertip. When in a relationship, the ring is flipped around so that the point faces the wrist, symbolizing that her heart has been captured. And when the woman becomes engaged, the ring is moved over to her left hand, with the point of the heart facing the fingertips. The ring is flipped around at the wedding.

Our Favorite Irish Bride and Groom brought in just the right touches. What a stunning tent wedding with hints of purple and white romance. It is true when they say the irish know how to party. I will never forget this one!