Ciara & Patsy’s Chic and Pretty Purple-Hued Destination Wedding

Ciara and Patsy are huge on family and they kept them foremost in mind when planning their destination wedding. First of all, they wanted a destination where their nephews and nieces could have fun and so decided that Orlando was it.  Most noteworthy, their stunning pretty purple-hued wedding was held in the Ever After Estate and turned out to be the perfect location for a unique wedding, as well as a festive family party. The putt putt golf course and magical kids play house, was amazing fun for both the adults and the kids.

A little bit about the lovely couple in the bride’s own words:

We are from the same town and Patsy’s aunt was living next door to me. We thus knew one another growing up.  Because Patsy was a friend of my brother’s  it wasn’t until we were 16 when we grew close. We were both at a formal (prom) and he asked me to dance. So from that day on there was flirtation here and there, until he just came out and said “I really like you” and we have been together ever since!

What inspired the vision for your destination wedding and most exciting part?

Family – especially our nieces and nephews. We moved to New York five years ago and in that time between both families, there were nine new children and two nephews we already had. So it was a big deal for us to have a huge family holiday. Therefore, Orlando was the perfect destination to do this.

What was your favorite design element of your wedding most of all?

Probably, the draping of the tent! It was so elegant and pretty and along with the color scheme. Most of all, Patsy loved the layout and he was able to design it himself.  The colors were easy because I love purple uplighting and knew I wanted draping in the marquee. So it was easy to keep everything white and up lighting do its work. We have the always fabulous Sara and Jason Martin of Concept Photography (see their previously featured work + BTL interview) to thank for the GORGEOUS photos.

And thank you to The Dtales for making it so easy.