Do I have the time for a wedding?


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Woo hoo! You are ready to nail down booking a wedding venue, a wedding photographer, and your bridesmaids….. If you can just nail down a time.
So many options for to consider…..wherever you live has great wedding seasons and some seasons that arent the best.
When to get married, the time of your wedding becomes crucial. During the wintertime, natural light is not as abundant. The summer time has intense heat during the day. Here are some tips to help you choose a time for your wedding.

Check the Internet for sunset times, average temperatures over the last 20 years ( ok maybe not 20 but there are sites that will give you information you will need

When is your dream wedding venue available. If you have a specific day you MUST get married on, then you MIGHT have to be open for a brunch wedding (hey, saves a ton on alcohol lol)

Choose a location as well as a time that gives you the best chance for the most comfortable environment. Weddings at sunset, for example, run the risk of cooler weather, while weddings held in an area unprotected by the sun at 1 pm make heat and exposure a factor.



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