Dont be a wedding cake fail!!!

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Wedding cakes are a show stoppers! I mean, next to the bride there is nothing more important to the décor. Now there is NOTHING worse than an ugly cake with an even crappier dry cake.  ICK. Since I am a cake addict (and I can bake like an SOB! So here is where I consider myself to be a picky chick!!!!)

I get it, ALL brides have a budget and some are budgets are important…..and it’s tempting to cut corners particularly when you have a friend or even family member volunteer to make a cake, or take your photos, make your dress, etc.  DON’T, PLEASE PLEASE don’t do it dammit!!!!  I have seen some of the weddings from the “do-it-yourself” to the full on pay for professionals to do it all.  Now there are places to DIY and some that can totally screw up the day!

Don’t trust just ANYBODY that isn’t professional (and even some of them screw it up too) unless you want to see your cake on the floor. Let’s chat for a minute….AFTER we look at the horror of this cake. I hope that nobody real had the sense to order this scarey cake. This is killing my eyes already!

fish wedding cake the dtales

One particular couple allowed a friend (I shall call her “chick” to keep her name out of it lol), who had made some freakin awesome yummy birthday cakes in the past. It was a “no brainer” to let this chick bake their wedding cake. I mean who can say NO to FREE? So what happened?

  • The chick was late in delivering the cake.
  • The cake was supposed to be ivory, but ended up failing as brown!) and
  • It leaned to one side and was about 5 minutes from toppling over.
  • The edible flowers looked great, but they highlighted how awful the cake looked .  Dammit, I wish I had taken a photo to go with that description! Next time I am gonna stand there with a video camera!!!

Another wedding that I actually worked as the coordinator (that means I didn’t have JACK to do with the planning- that is another topic) bought a wedding cake from Walmart.  Now, not to knock Walmart because their bakery department has some pretty decent cakes, but they are NOT wedding cake makers.  BUT, we have all seen the site of cake disasters and come on.  WALMART????? The cake was THEN picked up by a family member and it fell apart. OMG!!!  How to fix that in 2 hours?

tumbling cake the dtales

Wedding Cakes are NOT like baking a birthday cake out of a box!!!!! Again, I told you I was a badass baker! I know about this stuff because MINE even topple over!  I know why but just make them eat the cake before the final plop on the floor. That’s what happens when you have a hobby. Professional bakers spend a gazillion hours making lots of mistakes learning their craft.  An awesome baker is making two or three wedding cakes a week and most of the time, they know what they are doing. (MOST!!!)

Your friend’s cake or pies may be amazing, but their baking skills just may not cut it (ROTFL, ok that was funny)!

A place like Walmart, concerned more with quantity then quality, are not spending much time perfecting the craft of building and decorating these beautiful cakes.  I can assure you that a quality cake maker is NOT working at Walmart making a Walmart salary. (but the People of Walmart is a hoot!!)

You want an OK cake, then who cares who makes it.  If you want a gorgeous forcul point of your wedding a professionally baked cake with quality and YUM, then do your research. Dont be afraid to ask around!!!

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