Five Honeymoon Details You Should Never Overlook

Honeymoon plans checklist

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Planning your honeymoon can be one of the most exciting parts of the whole wedding experience. After all, the honeymoon is the chance to enjoy the company of your spouse without the pressures of the big day or the socializing with guests. While you’re almost certainly going to cover the major points like accommodation and flights, don’t overlook these five additional honeymoon details.

Visas, Passports and Travel Documents

Travel documents are easy to overlook when you have things like guest lists, wedding dresses and open bars to plan. However, they’re vital if you are taking a honeymoon overseas. Before booking your tickets to a new destination, find out what kind of visas you might require, and then be sure that your passports are still valid. If you are changing your name before your honeymoon, make sure that your credit cards and identification show the same name to avoid any confusion.

Transport to and From the Airport

Most couples remember to plan transport to and from the wedding as well as transport for the duration of the honeymoon, but don’t forget about how you’ll be getting from your home to the airport and back. A limo, a taxi or even a shuttle can be a nice way to avoid the stress of driving and parking as well as to continue the pampering of your special day.

Holidays and Events at Your Destination

If you’re arriving at your small German village honeymoon on a Sunday afternoon, you might be disappointed when you realize that everything is closed for the entire day. Make sure you do some planning to find out if there are any holidays, special events or typical closures that you should be aware of before booking your honeymoon.

Investigate and Plan For Your Travel Itinerary

First-class flights to Thailand might sound wonderful until you take a closer look and see a 15-hour layover in Hong Kong. Take care when planning your travel itinerary, avoid long or very short connection times and bring along things to fill up the time in between flights. Make sure you arrange all your transportation at least a few weeks in advance—no one wants to spend their honeymoon waiting around at the airport for an available car service. A specialist from Airflight Services recommends booking transportation to and from all your intended destinations, even if you’re unsure about your final schedule. This will ensure you’re never left wondering how you’re going to get somewhere when you should be wondering what you’ll do next.

Insurance for Your Travels

Finally, keep in mind that your health insurance might not be valid when traveling overseas. Check with your policy, and ask whether your spouse can be covered immediately. Otherwise, consider investing in a travel insurance policy so that you can partake in all the adventure you want to without worrying about getting hurt.

By taking care of these five important details, you can focus on the fun and excitement of your upcoming wedding and honeymoon.

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