Five Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Tying the Knot in Marriage

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If you’re considering marriage, there’s a lot to think about. There’s also a lot for you to talk about with your partner. Even if you live together, you probably don’t know everything about the person you want to marry. In the United States, a couple gets divorced every 36 seconds. By tackling the major issues before marriage, you can avoid the disruption and heartache of a divorce. Open and honest communication is the key to a happy marriage. Here are five questions you and your partner should discuss before heading down the aisle.

Finance First

Do you have any debts? A 2014 survey by Money Magazine showed that 70 percent of married couples argue most often about money. Bringing unacknowledged debt into a marriage could be a source of potential arguments. Both of you should know how much each owes in student loans, medical bills, and credit card payments before you get married. Come up with a plan for paying off the debts together, considering whether you’ll use both of your incomes or just one.
How will you manage money? It’s important to know how you’ll pay your bills before starting a marriage. Will you have a joint account, or maintain separate accounts? Also, if one person previously accrued a substantial amount of money, such as an inheritance or settlement, will that money be shared between you? In some cases, it may be advisable to consult an attorney and sign a prenuptial agreement. According to a criminal defence lawyer in Vancouver, prenups are becoming more common. A 2014 study from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers showed a 63 percent increase in prenuptial agreements from previous years.

The Kid Question

Do you want kids? If one of you wants kids and the other doesn’t, it’s not something you can compromise on. Make sure you’re on the same page about what you both see as your future family life.

Religion Rights

What are your religious beliefs? If your beliefs are different from your partner’s, discuss how you will handle this. Will you celebrate religious holidays? Consider whether you will attend church regularly, and if it’s important that your spouse attends church with you.

Daily To-Do’s

How will we divide household tasks? A household runs smoothly when everyone living there is aware of the jobs they’re expected to complete. Talk about who will cook meals, clean bathrooms, wash laundry, and do yard work. A rotating chore chart may work for some couples.

Marriage is a joyful occasion. The more information you and your partner share before getting married, the more harmonious your marriage will be.

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