Five Wedding Party Ideas You Should Consider

wedding party ideas

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Visualizing, managing and tracking all the important wedding details can be a daunting task, but planning your reception doesn’t have to be. After all, making it a memorable day for your guests and family members after the vows are spoken is the fun part! This is when you can relax, let your hair down and celebrate, and if you serve incredible food and drink it can be a roaring chart-buster that your guests will remember for all time. Strike the right chord and rock the day with these five wedding party catering ideas.
Spread the Mediterranean
Start with a zesty antipasti, proceed with an Italian main course and then top it off with a ‘Cake Off’ provided by your guests. It’s competition for them and could be cheap for you. Really any theme that you decide to go with for your wedding should be unique to the group you are with so take that inot account before planning the celebration.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes the best things are the most simple ones. For example, on the invitation, only offer your quests the choice of vegetarian, fish or beef; give no side plate information. This cuts down on the swapping out of accompaniments. Your food caterer will thank you as there will be order and simplicity in the orders. Additionally, nail down your guests’ dietary requirements and let the catering service know the sitting arrangements beforehand.

Share the Love

After a delicious salad is served, place platters of main dishes on the table to be shared, along with canapés of fish, chips and mini burgers. Later on, perhaps follow it up with cheeseboard or other cheese crackers, like those found here! sitting on your dessert table. This “open bar” kind of feel from food will allow those who don’t want food to refrain and those who want a little more to indulge themselves. This method may not work at every wedding so plan appropriately.

Kid Pleasers

It’s a special day for the little ones too. Add a child-friendly portion of the menu consisting of child favorites like pizza or chicken nuggets. You may also consider putting juice or soda behind the bar specifically for them. Parents will appreciate not having to wait on their kids throughout the evening if you come prepared to accommodate them.

Customize Your Cocktails

Serving fabulous food is important, but never neglect the liquid refreshment. Summer weddings beg for cocktails with a tropical vibe, especially if it’s an outside venue. Choose passion fruits, blackberries, strawberries, coconut and peaches for unique, refreshing libation. Winter wedding drinks do not have to be heavy or warm. Instead, opt for a Mimosa Creamsicle. It’s made with orange juice, vodka and champagne. Make it both fun and elegant by topping it with crystal sprinkles and whipped cream. Almost every wedding celebration can fail or soar by their drink selections.

Every bride and groom has different ideas of what their ideal wedding celebration should be like. Some may think it’s the venue, others may think it’s all about the entertainment but regardless of your priorities remember that the food you serve and the wedding catering service you hire is just as important if not more important for your guests’ enjoyment. To your guests, it’s a vitally hot issue.

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