How to Frame Your Face in Five Easy Steps

Makeup Guide for the Blushing Bride

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When it comes to individual beauty, we realize that all faces come with unique features and looks. Enhancing our bone structure, skin tone, eyes, nose, lips, ears, and neck can all be achieved through proper face framing techniques. Here are five simple steps any woman can add to her beauty routine.


Hair can be used effectively to frame the features, and your stylist can cut your locks into the desired form most attractive for your face shape. Some haircuts feature layered pieces that fall gently along the cheekbone, jaw, or neck, each highlighting a specific area of facial bone structure. Facial shape doesn’t matter, as bangs are the easiest way to frame the face and can be cut blunt, wispy, angled, rounded, spiky, etc.


Glasses are the ultimate beauty accessory, offering superb facial framing appeal. You can instantly add glam, sophistication, flirtatious allure, and a lot more, depending on the shape of the glasses you choose, color and style. Shopping for women’s glasses online is a wonderful choice, because pricing is less expensive, variety is greater, and new trends appear online first. Copying your favorite celebrity in her go-to lenses is a helpful way to begin your hunt for fab face-framing glasses. You can even get your prescribed glasses in different styles.


Don’t underestimate the power of makeup, because faces can be transformed through artful application. Apply bronzer and highlighter for incredible contouring techniques. Careful cosmetic blending can enhance bone structure and add a lovely frame to your facial canvas. Adding definition to the features through liner, mascara, lipstick, and blush, also creates attractive facial symmetry to your framed look.


The trend for eyebrows remains a fuller, natural-looking shape. Actress Audrey Hepburn defined the thicker brow movement in the 1960s, then plucked thin took center stage. However, fashion runways are now staying with the classic brow. Fuller brows bring dimension and balance to the face and frame the features exquisitely.


Maybe you prefer to frame your face with fashion jewelry, so you don’t have to commit to bangs or certain hairstyles. Choosing from earrings and necklaces can achieve an appealing facial frame. Chandelier earrings can enhance the mid-face and neck, drawing the eye upward. The same can be said of statement chokers and pendants in pretty jewel tones or metals.
Face framing isn’t only for Hollywood stars. You can achieve the same gorgeous effect, by adopting one or more of our five step no-miss beauty tips.

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