Garden Reception: Fantastic Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding Guests

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Who says an outdoor reception cannot be as much fun as an indoor one is? Outdoor receptions open the door to even more fun ideas simply because of the unlimited entertainment options and the ability to be more wild and carefree outdoors than one could be indoors. While outdoor receptions are best during the warmer months, brides and grooms could consider many of these options even during the spring and fall months. Some can also be seamlessly brought inside in case of inclement weather.

Outdoor Dance Floor

To keep an outdoor reception as traditional as possible, brides and grooms can have a dance. To keep it easy on the feet, consider renting a removable outdoor dance floor to give guests a hard, smooth surface for showing off their finest moves. Adding a tent over the dance floor is also a possibility to keep away rain or excessive sun or to hang strands of lights or a disco ball from depending on the mood of the reception.

Food Trucks

While one may not think of food as being the entertainment, it certainly can be if it is the most eye-catching part of the reception. Consider having food trucks cater the wedding. This will provide a carnival-like atmosphere, perfect for pairing with one of the following options, and will also give guests plenty of food options to satisfy picky palettes. Brides and grooms who choose food trucks have nearly unlimited choices, from fresh pizza and burgers to more unique options, such as pitas, brats and seafood. Do not forget about dessert, which can be handled tastily with an ice cream truck, funnel-cake truck and specialty coffee truck.


For a rustic theme, wedding-goers can enjoy a bonfire, complete with singing, dancing and eating fire-charred foods. Brides and grooms can provide guests with all the ingredients for s’mores, including fun toppings of fruits, syrups and whipped cream. Bonfires are great in the autumn months. Simply add rustic logs and benches for seating and giant piles of blankets for added warmth.

Outdoor Movie Theaters

For a truly memorable experience, set up an outdoor theater in the reception area to show a favorite film on after dusk. Some good options are romantic movies, the movie that best showcases the couple’s love or the first movie that the couple saw together. Be sure to provide upright seating for older guests and blankets for younger guests to sprawl out on across the lawn.

Super Slides and Bounce Houses

These fun items do not have to be only for the younger guests although they can provide great entertainment to keep children busy during a lengthy reception. Most adults can really get into these forms of entertainment too, and love to let their inner children loose. Once again, these items should be the main attraction and can provide a great place for photos. Pair them with classic picnic food and ice cream sundaes for the ultimate fun-loving experience.

Lawn Games

Keep guests from getting bored, especially while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive, by providing a variety of lawn games. These games could range from carnival-like to traditional. Many can be handmade for a rustic look. Some fun options include croquet, bocce ball and lawn tennis. Beanbag tosses and Norwegian golf sets can keep competition levels high. Carnival-like games could include balloon darts and soda bottle ring toss stations. If the reception will be held late at night, string lights overhead in trees to allow guests to continue playing.

Outdoor entertainment can help keep guests involved in the wedding reception and can also provide tons of great photo ops for the bride and groom. Cleanup is usually a breeze because there is no need to sweep or scrub the floors. Plus, there is something about the sun and a cool breeze to keep the happy feelings coming. Those planning an upcoming wedding should definitely consider adding a unique form of outdoor entertainment to keep their receptions one-of-a-kind and memorable.

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