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Everybody likes to have soft, shiny and smooth hair but maintaining it, is a very difficult task. The amount of pollution one has to withstand everyday can cause various hair problems like dull hair, hair loss, hair breakage, etc. In order to get lustrous and beautiful hair, it is essential to eat healthy foods, lower stress levels and complete your sleep. Hair is made up of proteins so it is essential to consume foods that are rich in proteins. There are certain foods that help in making hair strong and healthy. Apart from consuming healthy foods, it is necessary to care for your hair by following the tips given below.

1. Wash your hair thoroughly

It is essential to wash hair gently with a good quality shampoo. It is known that washing hair everyday tends to make it dry and reduce its natural oils eventually causing damage to the hair. However, shampooing hair every alternate day will keep them clean and bouncy. When choosing a shampoo, make sure that it doesn’t contain sulfates or parabens. These chemicals are harmful so instead opt for shampoos with natural cleansers. Make sure that the chosen shampoo is suitable for your hair type. Avoid picking up any random shampoos.

People with coarse or curly hair should opt for frizz-minimizing and softening shampoo while those with straight or oily hair need to get a gentle shampoo. It is preferable to use a shampoo with extracts or amino acids if the person has colored or treated hair. On the other hand, dry hair needs shampoo with glycerin and collagen to help in retaining the moisture of hair.

There are many shampoos that contain chemicals like sulfates or parabens which are harmful for hair. Instead, it is preferable to use shampoos with natural cleansers.

 2.Use a good conditioner

When it comes to selecting a good conditioner, one needs to consider their hair length, type and damage it has. The best way to get strong and healthy hair is to condition them right after shampooing. People with processed or dyed hair need to take more care of it. It is necessary to deep condition the hair once in a week. In order to do so, buy a good conditioner of a well-recognized brand or try out a suitable homemade solution.

wedding hair styles long short


3. Style hair naturally

People tend to style their hair repeatedly; this causes major damage to the hair. It is best to avoid crimping, perming, curling, straightening, bleaching or coloring hair though it is fine to do it sometimes for special occasions. Apart from styling hair, make sure that dyeing and other hair treatments are done only once in a while. Styling should be such that doesn’t affect the hair, you can style it up with clip-on, beads, scarfs, hats, bands etc. they help to sport different hair style. When using different hairstyles, ensure that they don’t put extra stress on the hair follicles which can cause damage to the roots.

The best time to brush hair would be right after shower which also proves beneficial to avoid any hair problems.

wedding hairstyles land and short hair


   4. Brushing hair


Brushing causes stimulation of the scalp which is considered to be the main reason for hair breakage. It can also lead to split-ends and create irritation. It is good to use a natural-fiber comb to de-tangle hair after showering which can help in avoiding hair problems.

wedding hairstyles long short hair


   5. Dry hair naturally

Most women use hair dryers after washing their hair. However, it is preferable to pat-down the hair and squeeze them gently with the towel then let them dry naturally. Avoid the blow-dryer as the heat that comes out from it can damage the hair.

   6. Trim the hair

This is a sure shot way for those who have got split-ends problem. It is a good idea to use some hair shears and cut the split-ends about ¼ inches from above the splitting. Repeat this process within at least six to eight weeks.


wedding day hair


Apart from the tips given above, a person could also style their hair with different hair accessories available for women such as embellished headbands, classic ribbons, jewel hair clips, etc. Ladies need to make sure that they choose those hair accessories which match their tops or dresses so as to enhance their style. Add-ons is one such online shopping store which provides a wide variety of hair accessories for women.


It is important to take utmost care of your hair by washing and conditioning them properly.  Following a healthy diet and staying away from stress also helps to get lustrous hair.

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