Have You Remembered to Budget for All Essential Wedding Costs?

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If you are planning your wedding, you are probably beginning to realize that there is more to organizing your big day than you first appreciated and that includes the associated costs as well; you now understand why a typical wedding costs in the region of $28,000. At the initial planning stage it is essential to make a list of every item that you need to pay for, so that you can budget for the amount to spend on each part of your wedding. To make sure that you don’t forget any of the essential costs for your special day, here we outline some of the payments that couples frequently forget when planning their ceremony and reception.

Marriage License

You need a marriage license in order to marry, so this is an essential fee to factor into your budget. You will need to get in touch with the Clerk of Courts Office in the county where you are getting married to arrange an appointment; you will need to take a form of identity and should you have been married previously, the necessary papers. In Florida this license currently costs $61 if you attend a pre-marital course, or if you choose not to attend this course, it costs $93.50 and a three-day waiting time is applied to your license following submission.

Wedding stationery

In a recent article by money.co.uk, wedding stationery was mentioned as a key expense forgotten by couples. While you will have told everyone close to you about your engagement, you will need to decide how you inform them of the details of your wedding. Some couples now choose to e-mail save the date information and even the plans for their ceremony and reception to keep the costs down, particularly as all cards sent out will have the cost of postage attached to them. However, if you still wish to post out save the date cards and invitations, you will need to budget for this. Making your own cards is cheaper than getting them custom-made, but don’t forget that your own time comes at a price too. A good compromise is to print off your own stationery, which Brides magazine estimates will save you up to $1500 depending on your gust total. After you are back from honeymoon you will want to thank your guests for their wedding gifts, so don’t forget about thank you cards in your budget.

Finishing touches to your wedding outfits

You won’t have forgotten to include your dress and suit in the list of expenses, but what about all the accessories to finish off your outfits? If you consider how much bridal shoes, a tiara, veil, wedding jewelry and make-up will cost, as well as additional items such as a tie, cufflinks and new shoes for the groom, these significantly bump up the cost of your wedding attire. Beyond these accessories, you need to factor in the price of adjustments to your outfits, as if either of you loses weight before your big day, you will need your dress or suit adjusted.

Including yourself in the head count

If you are having a sit-down meal after the ceremony, forgetting to include yourselves in the numbers will leave you thinking you have more spare money than you actually do. Just two extra people for a three-course meal with wine and a toast will bump up your costs more than you might think.

Saying thank you

Besides sending thank you cards, you may wish to give your guests favors; sugared almonds or chocolates are inexpensive favors, but if you have 200 guests even this small token will add to your total. It is also customary to give both mothers and the bridesmaids a gift as well, so if you would like to do so, factor these presents into your budget.

Extra charges from your venue

When you choose your venue, it is essential that you find out all the extra charges that you can expect, so that these can be taken into account. For instance, if you are allowed to provide your own wine for guests, don’t forget that you will have to pay a corkage charge, which may well be more than the cost of each bottle of wine. Then if the staff have to work weekends or evenings to accommodate your wedding, the venue will pass on the extra cost of employing their staff at these times to you. You may well also have to pay towards the cost of cleaning the rooms where your reception is held.

Additional photography costs

You may well have budgeted for a photographer, but if their services don’t include larger prints for framing or a wedding album, you will need to arrange these yourself at an extra cost. If this is the case, be sure to account for this in your budget too. Have you budgeted for a wedding album?  There are a few online design companies that are very affordable, so check it out before you spend $1000 for one.

Think through every detail and determine what you can do without and what you HAVE to have.  Budget is queen 🙂

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