How to Make Your Wedding Video Stand Out

How to Make Your Wedding Video Stand Out

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There are approximately 2.3 million couples married each year in the U.S. and with nearly 50 percent of newlyweds spending more than they anticipated on their weddings. With so much time and resources invested in your big day, you want to ensure that your wedding video captures the essence of all the proceedings and is good quality so you’ll be proud to share it with the world. The average wedding videographer charges about $1,800 to shoot and edit a video. To help you get the most of your money we’ve put together a few suggestions to help make your wedding video stand out.

Hire a Professional

The advice to hire a professional might seem obvious, but after seeing an estimate of $1,500- $2,000 for one video, many couples seek out a lower-cost solution like hiring a college student with a DSLR camera or asking a family member to capture some shots with a smartphone. What many people don’t realize is that there’s a good reason why professional videographers have a higher cost, as most have invested in professional lighting equipment, cameras, lenses, tripods, sliders, steadicams, editing software and other production gear that will make your video have a cinematic quality that someone with limited access to gear and little to no experience just cannot replicate.

Before you hire anyone, ask to see samples of his work. If he can’t provide a portfolio of any kind, then that’s a good indicator you should continue your search. If you really want to get nit-picky, you can ask potential videographers for a list of gear. A quick google search for some of the items will show the quality of the equipment and can give you a better idea of his commitment to the craft.

Communicate with Your Videographer

Another advantage of working with professional wedding videographers is they’ve likely shot many other weddings and they know what’s expected of them. If you give them the basic schedule of your wedding and let them do a walk-through of the venue, they’ll know exactly where they’ll need to be to get the best shots possible. You’ll also want to let them know any special details you want to be included in the video like pointing out the parents of the bride and groom, the best man and the maid of honor.

You should also give your videographers a chance to pitch their ideas to you. They’ll have a different perspective on how to capture some great footage that you might not have considered. Use professional stock video to help tell parts of the story that are difficult to capture. Maybe your first date was a hike at a national park, or your honeymoon is going to be in Italy, by purchasing stock video from a site like Shutterstock, you can add in these certain shots that you wont have the ability to capture on your wedding day.

You should also consider providing your videographers with a few video samples of videos you like so that they can visualize the style you’d like to see. This can be as easy as pointing out certain segments of the videos in your videographer’s portfolio. Notes like “the shot of the bride and groom at 1:12 in your third video is great” and “I really like the graphics at the beginning of your second video” can go a long way in helping your videographers put together a reel that meets your vision.

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