How to Plan a Picture Perfect Traditional Wedding

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There are so many themes for weddings these days that choosing a direction to go in can be quite overwhelming. Couples are constantly trying to outdo their friends and family members who have wed before them. While unique and outrageous weddings can be fun, there is nothing more perfect than a good old-fashioned, traditional wedding. Even traditional weddings have a wide variety of choices available, so it’s important to plan ahead so that the day flows seamlessly.

Location is Key
The first thing that should always be done after a date is chosen is to decide on a location to hold the ceremony and reception. Classic ceremony locations can include churches, parks, and a friend or family member’s backyard. The reception can either be held at the ceremony site, or at a different location if the ceremony site is too small. Traditional options for a reception site are restaurants and reception centers that are equipped to hold a large amount of guests.

A Classic Look
Wedding dresses are becoming more elaborate and extravagant each year, but traditional dresses don’t have to be boring. They can include detailed lace designs, layers of delicate tulle, and intricate buttons. While the dresses are typically white or ivory and have a conservative neckline such as a bateau or Sabrina neckline, a bride can add a bit of flair with a cinched-in waist or an ornate train. To go for a traditional look, think of Kate Middleton’s fairy tale dress. You don’t generally see strapless or shorter dresses for a traditional bride.

Simple and Elegant Decor
Beautiful displays of flowers and an abundance of candles are the perfect addition to a traditional wedding. An ideal centerpiece is a tall vase filled with white roses, placed on a simple round mirror and surrounded by candles. The light from the candles will reflect off of the vase and the mirror, lending a romantic and classic feel to any wedding. Although many modern brides choose bright hues of pink, teal or orange, traditional brides will generally go for classic colors like pastels or reds. All brides need a book or album for guests to sign and a traditional wedding album to display bridal shots is a great decoration for the sign in station.

The Perfect Treat
Wedding cakes have become a major part of the reception, with an array of flavors and design choices available. Traditional wedding cakes are typically three or four tiers high with vanilla or chocolate cake and frosting. However, vanilla and chocolate are anything but plain these days. There is vanilla pound cake, chocolate sponge cake, and dark chocolate ganache, just to name a few.

Traditional weddings have stood the test of time because they are elegant, comfortable, and truly enjoyable. Guests will appreciate the understated decor and conservative attire. They are a refreshing change from all of the outlandish and eccentric weddings that have become so popular in recent years.

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