How to Plan an Elegant Backyard Wedding 

How to Plan an Elegant Backyard Wedding 

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In 2012, Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg married his long-time girlfriend in an intimate ceremony in their own backyard. It was a relatively simple affair. They picked foods from budget-friendly local restaurants and, according to Forbes, ordered Burdick chocolate mice that generally retail at $3.25 a piece.

The Zuckerbergs show that not all weddings have to be crazy expensive. Backyard weddings are flexible enough that you can make it exactly what you like without worrying about the venue space. The following are just a few ideas to make your backyard wedding what you’ve always dreamed of:

Let Nature Be Your Backdrop

Slash your decoration budget by letting nature be your backdrop. Opt for a location underneath an oversized oak or alongside a babbling brook to exchange your vows. Choose classic bouquet flowers like white calla lilies, and tie them off with twine or a brown silk ribbon.

Remember that transforming your backyard into a classy wedding takes more than some mowing and hedging. Plant early so seasonal blooms will pepper your yard with color. If you don’t have time to plant, bring in some oversized pots from a local nursery.

Create Ambient Lighting

As the sun sets over your backyard wedding, dazzle your guests with soft, ambient lighting. Hang glowing lanterns or mason jars with votive candles around your reception area and nearby trees. String soft, white lights along your porch, and arrange candles at every table. If you set up a reception tent, wrap white lights around the poles and edges of the tent for a romantic glow.

Even a swimming pool can add to the mood of your wedding. Turn your pool area into a romantic focal point with LED pool and patio lights. Add floating lilies and flowers to the water to catch the light. Add tiki torches around the pool and offer guests sparklers to create a magical mood they’ll always remember.

Gather Under a Cozy Tent

Set up a pole tent with cascading peaked roofs and open walls for guests to dine under. A tent can create a romantic mood and also gives some assurance that your guests will stay dry if it starts sprinkling. Set your tables with mismatched floral china and linen napkins for a personalized touch. If you’re working with a wedding coordinator, ask for an easy-to-assemble floor for guests to dance and toast to your happiness.

Get Luxury Porta-potties

Unless your home or outdoor venue has plenty of bathrooms to spare, rent luxury porta-potties for your yard. A company like offers upscale porta-potties that resemble bathrooms found in a fine dining restaurant. Oversized trailers discreetly house portable bathrooms with granite counters, sparkling white toilets and wooden vanities. There’s even decorative lighting, real running water and skylights. Ask for a selection of background music for guests to enjoy while pretending not to be impressed by your wedding-worthy porta-potties.

Infuse Elegant Touches

Whether you’re going for an ultra simple or ornate backyard wedding, adding elegant touches ties together your look. Use white linen tablecloths, and add a chandelier to your reception tent for a refined look. Adorn your wedding cake with white roses and pearls, and hire a violinist to entertain guests for a night to remember.

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