How to Share Your Wedding Like a Pro

How to Share Your Wedding Like a Professional slideshow

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We get it, your big day is best attended live. But sometime it’s not possible for everyone to attend if they live overseas or have commitments that can’t be broken. Luckily, there are other ways to share your wedding, such as the following:


Before choosing an alternative way to share your wedding, determine who will not be able to make it so you know what to consider when setting up your equipment for live-streaming. Depending on the viewing experience you are looking for, you may need different types of equipment. If you are not into glamour and glitz, then using an app like “Periscope” might just do the trick. “Periscope” is easy to use and allows you to share live video across the globe. The app was created to see events from someone else’s perspective, so your family and friends can watch your wedding as if they are actually sitting in the audience. “Periscope” allows viewers to contribute to your special moments as well. They have the capability to send hearts as a way of showing appreciation, and it offers a live chat option. Your video stream can either be private, or you can broadcast it on Twitter. “Periscope” is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

XSplit Broadcaster

If the idea of using an app doesn’t appeal to you, use a live-streaming and recording software like XSplit Broadcaster. It is designed to allow anyone to create professional-quality live broadcasts, and it offers a free downloadable version online. All you need for this option is a computer with a built-in webcam. Before choosing this option, consider the connection speeds at your venue. DaCast recommends that the overall speed of your connection should be at least double what you plan to stream at. You also might want to consider placing cameras at various locations to provide a more holistic experience.


Meerkat” is another live-streaming application. However, unlike “Periscope” that connects with Twitter, your guests also need to have the “Meerkat” app on their phones to be able to view the video. It also doesn’t have the option of saving or downloading the video to be able to watch it later. The stream is live, so all of your guests would need to watch your wedding as it’s happening. So, this might not be a good option if you’re trying to reach elderly grandparents that don’t have a smartphone. It offers your guests the option to send emojis, comments and other ways of showing appreciation. “Meerkat” is only compatible with the iPhone or iPad. The iPhone 6 is probably your best option for live-streaming because it comes with up to 1080 HD video recording and True Tone Flash, which makes the viewing experience crisp and clean.

These are only a few of the many tools available to live-stream your wedding. Whether it’s a smartphone application, recording software or a professional videographer, there are plenty of ways to include your out-of-town guests in your big day.

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