How to write your own wedding vows with wows!

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How to Make Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows is a good way to declare your feelings and appreciation for your future spouse. While writing your own vows can be a challenging, it can also make your wedding ceremony more personalized and extra special. Here are some of the tips on making your wedding vows.

Make sure you are able to use the wedding vows There are some wedding celebrants who may not allow you to say your own vows. Getting clearance for saying your vows should be done before you even make your first draft. Most celebrants will request to read through your vows before you can recite them on your wedding day.

Talk to your spouse
Writing your own vows may be a great and romantic idea for you but make sure your spouse is on board with it. Writing vows can be daunting to some people and if the idea does not sit well with your future spouse, it will be apparent on the wedding day.

Decide together on the basics
If you have decided to recite your own vows, there are basic things that you have to decide on. One of the most important things is the length of your vow. Your vows should be at around the same length. Agree on a word count. Most vows are around one minute or 150 to 250 words long. Make sure your vow is long enough to express what you want to share but just enough length so as not to bore your guests. Another element you need to talk about is the tone of your vows. Will it be serious or light-hearted?

vows, wedding, speech, ceremony, the dtales. wedding

Just write

The most effective cure to writer’s block is just to write anyway. Writing vows may be challenging so write anything you think of and refine later. When you don’t know where to start, remember that you can begin at the middle of your vow if you need to.

Write about what you love about your future spouse. Make a list of the qualities that has drawn you to each other and the qualities that you want to learn. You can also include milestones in your relationship such as important trips or trying moments that you have overcome together. Jotting these things down give you a lot of material to work on.

Set a deadline
Preparing for a wedding is a busy time. There are many tasks and hurdles to get through. Completing your wedding vows can also take a lot of time away from your preparations. Set a deadline for finishing your vows and encourage each other to be on track.

Edit, edit and then edit. All good speeches, vows included, went through good editing. This is one of the reasons why completing your vows on time, is that you will have more time to edit. There is no such thing as too much editing.

vows, wedding, speech, ceremony, the dtales. wedding



Just as you need to practice your wedding dance, you need to practice your wedding vow. Practice in front of a mirror or in front of a friend until you are comfortable with it. This will help you manage your nerves during your wedding day.

Writing your own vows is a challenging task. It can test your patience and creativity. Careful planning and just pouring your heart out can promise you moving and meaningful vows.

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