Hungry for a late night wedding snack???

wedding food late night snacks for reception

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When most people think about a wedding reception, think about all the activities- the cake, the dancing and the drinking.  Now think about how hungry you were at the end of the night….. but do you remember if the couple had a midnight lunch, and if so, what was served? Uh huh. Drawing a blank, right? icon wink

But the Midnight snack is evolving! Here are some fabulous alternatives that will not only be a welcome respite for hungry wedding guests, but that will also help to add to your “Wow Factor”!

The Mimosa Bar

wedding Mimosa bar

Mimosa bar


The Coffee Bar

Wedding coffee bar


While I think this is a great idea, I wouldn’t recommend this as a stand-alone item. However, since coffee and tea are traditionally served at the midnight lunch as well, why not give your guests a bit of a treat? Brew a variety of different coffees, put our flavored creamer and even add a few specialty stir sticks (i.e.: brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.) Guest can mix and match to create different flavor combinations.

The Chili Bar

wedding chili bar

The Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot Chocolate wedding bar

Milkshake shots

Now to wash it down. It seems like Milk Shake Shots are becoming the new rage! Here are some amazing milkshake shots I found over at Style Notes.

 wedding milkshake shots

The Cereal Bar

Wedding cereal bar Breakfast Buffet

{image: F.Y. Wedding Ideas}

A Cereal Bar is so cost effective, and it is also something that your catering manager may be able to set up for you. All you need is an assortment of cereals, toppings (such as chopped fruit) and some milk! This is also a fabulous idea for a morning wedding!

The S’Mores Bar

 Smores Wedding Dessert bar

{image: wedding window}

Create a S’mores Bar by setting out Sterno cans (for roasting),  marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate fondue. Also feel free to add some chopped nuts, sprinkles or chopped candy for those who may just want a chocolate-covered marshmallow!

The Popcorn Bar

Wedding Popcorn Buffet bar

{image: p is for party}

Buy or make various flavors of popcorn and place into large containers. Add a scoop and a paper bag and let your guests chow down!

The Cookie Bar

Wedding Cookie Bar

{image: design dazzle}

The Cookie Bar could be on its way to replacing the ever-popular Candy Bar (or candy buffet). Here’s another idea: have each baker in your family prepare a batch of their “signature” cookie and on the label of the cookie jar, display the story of who made the cookie or how the recipe came about (i.e.: Was it handed down through the generations? Was this a recipe that your fondly remember baking with your grandmother/mother?, etc.)

The Soda Bar

Old Fashioned wedding Soda Bar

{image: luxe finds}

Like the Coffee and Mimosa bars, the Soda Bar is best when accompanied with snacks or as a stand-alone during cocktail hour / in between the ceremony and reception. To achieve the look seen above, purchase assorted flavors of Jones Soda (available at Costco) and affix your own labels on the bottles. Have fun and create a theme with it, either by color of the soda, or by which flavors you select.

The Burger Bar

Wedding Hamburger Buffet bar

{image: swanky chic fete}

The Burger Bar (or Sliders Bar) can pretty much be done with any sort of “pub” food – hot dogs, smokies, chicken fingers…you name it.  Just be sure that you provide a wide assortment of toppings and sauces.

The Waffle Bar

Wedding Brunch Waffle Bar

{image: shannon nicole elizabeth photography}

This is another trend that is quickly gaining in popularity, and not just for a wedding brunch. Waffle or Pancake Bars are fabulous because…well…who doesn’t love Brinner? (Breakfast for Dinner). Provide a variety of syrups and toppings such as: icing sugar, Nutella, chocolate chips, sliced fruit and whipped cream and you’re all set!

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