Alisha and Vinit- An indian wedding with style

An Indian wedding, as well as indian brides, are nothing short than spectacular. Imagine, partying with 400 of your ‘closest’ friends. All the bright colors, which are amazing and the golden jewels are stunning, Indian weddings give the appeal of royalty.

An Indian wedding begins at 8am (rather than a 4pm ceremony) with the Bharrat. Followed immediately by breakfast for the guests.

Beginning this celebration, the groom, his friends and family make their way to the village of the bride. While he rode a gorgeous white horse, he is accompanied by his wedding guest festivities, which start the party bright and early. Music and dancing are thus a big part of the Indian wedding celebration. In other words, the party starts early. Did we mention that the night ends at 2 am?
Then for the rituals of the ceremony.

So many rich traditions and the display under the mandap, the ceremony is part of a gorgeous setting to get married. Furthermore, the decor is radiant and royal and so one actually who is attending probably will experience the most elaborate events  one can imagine.
We then head to the fantastic reception, where every guest is greeted with open arms.  Because this is such an elaborate event with traditional music, the party starts immediately and  seems to go on from beginning to end. Consequently, i would encourage everybody to attend one wedding in their lifetime.

We have oodles of experience in Indian wedding traditions around the world. Experience is key to a well thought out Indian wedding.

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