Jacqueline and Feyi- A Nigerian wedding at Dubsdred

It is always exciting to help plan a long distance cultural wedding.  Thus, a nigerian wedding was an interesting culture to familiarize my self. Most of all, can you believe that Jacqueline and Feyi never met me until the day of the rehearsal. As they live in the UK, it was a very interesting planning process.  So many intricate details to plan across the pond.

The theme of the wedding was and old juke joint reminiscent of The color purple, which is Jacqueline and Feyi’s favorite movie.  Rustic and a little southern home cooking was the perfect set up for Dubsdred.  We started with gorgeous Farm tables dressed up with pretty lace runners.  While the reception was elegant, it wasn’t the traditional wedding set up.

First of all, i must say that it is always an experience to see the different cultures woven in to the festivities.  Feyi’s family is Nigerian and they were dressed in traditional celebration outfits.  The Nigerian wedding celebration took place the night before and was a totally different look of red and gold.

Due to her southern background, Jacqueline found a way to satisfy her family while allowing Feyi’s family to experience a Nigerian wedding, in the US. Everybody enjoyed the Photo Booth and got our of their comfort zone with fun.

Nigerian weddings are colorful and a real celebration.  Imagine all of those people traveling all the way from Africa to celebrate.

One of the best parts was the special surprise dance.  Jacqueline changed into a sweet short dress with her dancing shoes.  They rocked the house.

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