Lame or Ravishing: Wedding Announcement Tips

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Getting married is an exciting event. It’s natural for honeymooners to want to share this grand memory with the people in their lives. Sending out a marriage announcement is a classic way to do this, but make sure you do it in a way that compliments both you and your partner to everyone you send it out to.

Why Do It?

Weddings can be hectic and expensive. As a result, not everyone is able to attend—whether they made the guest list or not. Marriage announcements are a great way to inform people about this beautiful event and make them feel included, even if they don’t attend.

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Who Sends Them?

If the wedding invitations were worded to come from the parents of the couple, then it makes sense that they be the ones to announce the marriage. However, this tends to give the announcements more of a formal feel and some couples prefer to be less formal and more personal. In that case, the announcement can come directly from the couple.

What Should They Say?

Include the names of the couple, date, and site of the ceremony. If anyone’s names have changed since the wedding, it’s good to note that. Many announcements contain a headline such as, “Just Married,” “Introducing the Newlyweds,” or “We Tied the Knot.” Since announcements can look similar to wedding invitations, it’s important to distinguish that it is not an invitation.

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What About a Photo?

Including a photo with a marriage announcement adds an extra personal touch, and gives the recipient something more visual. It is preferable to use a photo from the actual ceremony. This can be done by printing a photo taken by a wedding guest, or if the wedding had a professional photographer, the couple can get a more polished photo to include.


When Should it be Sent?

This is typically done the week after the wedding. However, after all of that planning and stressing, the bride and groom are probably ready to switch to honeymoon mode. One suggestion is to get the announcements together before the wedding, when the couple is still in the planning stages. Announcements can be created and ordered online or through a Milwaukee printing company. Once created, it’s just a matter of addressing and stamping them, so all the hard work is done and they just need to be dropped in the mail.

Whether it’s a small, intimate ceremony, or a huge event, sending marriage announcements is a tasteful way to communicate this important occasion. It’s a good way to include people who couldn’t attend, letting them know they are important to both the bride and groom.

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